Program Coordinator Needed!

Story Planet is eagerly searching for a new Program Coordinator! Read below (all of it, there will be a test!)…

Our Program Coordinator has the awesome task of designing and implementing all of Story Planet’s programs. This energetic and motivated person ensures all programming meets our goals and outcomes. The Program Coordinator liaises among educators, community leaders, artists, and facilitators to plan and implement programs. They operate within an anti-oppressive framework and cares deeply about equitable practices in education. This is a leadership position and the ability to guide, motivate, and nurture others is key.

Program Design, Development, and Implementation

  • Develops and oversees all programming, including curriculum design, based on in-depth understanding of Story Planet design principles
  • Manages workshop schedule and coordinates with principals, teachers, facilitators, artists, staff, and volunteers
  • Strives to meet the needs of each child participating
  • Oversees and ensures the delivery of tangible outcomes for all workshops (i.e books, films, plays)
  • Plans and attends weekly organizational planning meetings
  • Maintains clear and effective communication with artists, writers, and workshop facilitators
  • Runs volunteer sessions every six weeks with Volunteer Coordinator, and actively seeks out new volunteers, artists, and writers, particularly within the Neighbourhood Improvement Areas (NIAs) of Toronto
  • Oversees volunteer schedule, communication, and handouts in collaboration with Volunteer Coordinator
  • Constantly builds and maintains relationships with school boards, principals, and teachers
  • Conducts in-depth evaluations of all programs and workshops
  • Ongoing – create, facilitate, evaluate, and modify programs (e.g. after school, in-school, weekend, camps, PA day, episodic) based on needs

Administrative Fun

  • Ensures writers, artists, facilitators, interns, and volunteers are clear about their roles and duties in workshops
  • Works with the ED on ensuring policies, agreements, police checks, and action plans are up to date, relevant in all handouts to writers, artists, facilitators and volunteers
  • Determines volunteer training and/or equipment needs of volunteers, taking into account annual budget allocations
  • Submits all information, reports and records as requested by the ED for grant evaluation, funder communication,  and board meetings
  • Reports all incidents immediately to the ED
  • Develops and implements programming plans, budgets, and goals that further the programming goals and ensures reports are completed at the end of programming or when grantors/ED require
  • Ensures that information about our programming is communicated out through social media, our website, and directly through emails, phone calls, and newsletter
  • Maintains a database of people who have come to workshops, informs them about upcoming programs/events


  • Maintains full awareness of the budget for programming and stays within that budget
  • Ensures the accuracy, integrity, and timeliness of all financial accounting and reporting
  • Ensures all writers, artists, and facilitators submit their invoices and keeps account of who has invoiced and when
  • Ensures the preparation of the programming budget with the ED for board approval


  • Has a passion for working with young people and helping them tell their stories. Holds a degree in arts education, social work, community service work, or related fields. Has minimum 2 years of experience in programming, creative literacy, or education with kids and teens. Has experience and passion for creating and implementing programs, and supervising others. Experience and passion for creating inclusive and equitable spaces for staff, volunteers, community partners, teachers, and most of all, kids and teens.

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