Intergalactic Crew

Liz Haines

Alien Chieftess

Liz was a children’s television producer who had developed a variety of award-winning shows for TVO, CBC, and Sinking Ship Productions. She wanted to give kids new ways to express themselves and get their stories heard, without the constraints of rules and adult expectations. Sometimes, kids just need to be silly because their ideas are just that – and silliness is often a gateway to creativity. So, Liz started searching for programs that would allow kids to express their big silly ideas and she discovered 826, an amazing program started by author Dave Eggers in the US. Liz went for a visit and fell in love with the work they were doing, reaching kids through writing and art. Determined to start a similar program in Canada, Liz headed home and started offering workshops in schools, and Story Planet was born.

Farha Mohanty

Program Specialist

Farha is a community organizer, artist, and animal enthusiast! Her educational background spans the fields of psychology, gender studies, and rehabilitation. She is dedicated to working alongside marginalized folks to support them in accessing what they need to survive and thrive. Farha has had the privilege of carrying out this work within the LGBTQ+ community, with folks with dis/abilities, survivors of abuse, at-risk kids and youth, and seniors. Her personal philosophy unites intersectional feminism, anti-oppression, empathy, and collaborative community organizing. Farha is thrilled to come aboard Story Planet’s spaceship to continue to spark creativity in young Torontonians!

Liz Mochrie

Volunteer Coordinator

Liz has been an enthusiastic teller of stories her whole life, and is beyond excited to be sharing that enthusiasm with all the folks and students she works with at Story Planet. In another time and galaxy not that far away, Liz worked in remote First Nations communities, in marketing, and travelled the globe. She recently completed the Community Worker Program at George Brown College, and also has a B.A. in English from St. Francis Xavier University, and an M.A. in English from the University of Toronto. Liz adores puppies, baking cookies, writing, and is downright hilarious.

Josh Rosen

Lead Visual Officer

Josh spent most of his childhood either (a) drawing or (b) running in circles and making explosion noises while inventing more things to draw. As a professional cartoonist and illustrator, not much has changed (though the explosion noises have lessened).  He has a BA in Comparative Literature and an MFA in making comics from the Center for Cartoon Studies.  As a freelance artist he has had work featured through Slate Magazine, Dartmouth University and the University of Iowa, among others, and is an active member of the independent comics community.  He relishes the work he does with Story Planet, where he can share his love of telling stories through pictures with kids of all ages.

Marcela Lucía Rojas

Communications Officer

Marcela comes from a multidisciplinary background and she brings that approach into her work. She is passionate about storytelling and effective communication and she enjoys using all kinds of different media to tell stories. Marcela loves being part of Story Planet where she can play with people who care deeply for others and who are dedicated to making planet Earth a better place. She has a B.A in Child & Family Pedagogy from UniJaveriana in Bogotá and post-graduate certificates in Documentary Filmmaking from Seneca College, Children’s Media from Centennial College, and Documentary Photography from ICP in New York. She also studied painting with Amazonian artist Pablo Amaringo in the Peruvian Amazon Jungle and drawing with Françoise Aubry in Paris. She is currently training to become an energy healer. She enjoys meditating on the TTC and things that make her smile when she is alone.