We believe that every child should have access to our programming.

Story Planet receives generous support from a variety of funders that allow us to offer our programming at no cost to the child.









Rosedale United Church

Artsvest Toronto

Harold A. Kopas Family Foundation

We also receive support through many incredible individual donors from all over Toronto, Ontario, and Canada.

We’ve been lucky enough to work with a number of fantastic community organizations that continue to help us reach as many kids as possible.

A special thanks to the people who have helped define how we look! We seriously would not look this amazing without your generosity!

Context Creative

Thank you for our awesome website!

Context Creative Logo

Context Creative – Passionate & Pragmatic – Today, more than ever, you want an experienced marketing team on your side. You want a team with proven capabilities who are passionate about their work and yet pragmatic in finding the answers. A team that brings unlimited inspiration to the table, and then distills it into a truly fresh idea for your brand. And in the case of Story Planet, having the curiosity of a child can be considered an added bonus.

Juniper Park

Thank you for branding us so beautifully!

Juniper Park LogoJuniper Park is a place where the disciplines of strategy, design and advertising come to play. We can create brands from scratch or we can take existing brands and point them in a new direction. Being able to do this gives us a unique perspective even when we are working with very established brands.

Brothers Dessler

Thank you for your stunning furniture designs!

brothers dressler As Brothers Dressler, twin engineers-turned-designers and material manipulators Jason and Lars Dressler work collaboratively to design and build bespoke furnishings, lighting, other objects and interiors. With a focus on sustainability, and an eye to material, process, and craftsmanship, they create custom works and limited edition pieces from their downtown Toronto workshop/studio.

Brothers Dressler use local, reclaimed, found, ecologically friendly and responsibly harvested materials, working to promote a return to local manufacturing and materials. Following the ‘cradle to cradle’ philosophy, they design pieces in which as much of the material is used as possible, giving cut-offs and waste streams new life as innovative new products.

Patrick Dinnen

Thanks for your interactive brilliance!

Patrick is part of Media Lab Toronto. MLT is a collaboration between Patrick Dinnen (Chief Creative Technologist and Bottle Washer) who does this full time, and such interesting folks as David McCallum, Michael Pereira and Gabe Sawhney.

Why? Because there are mountains of possibility for new, novel, valuable things to build. Because building this stuff is fun. Because what we do doesn’t really have a name yet, so we get to help define a new thing.


Thanks for your amazing, functional design

Umbra was born 31 years ago when a graphic designer by the name of Paul Rowan couldn’t find a nice window shade to hang in his new apartment window. So, he made one. And others liked it! He soon teamed up with friend Les Mandelbaum…and Umbra was born.

It was from this first product that Umbra got its name – ‘umbra’ means ‘shade’ in Latin. Since that time, Umbra has grown to become the world leader of innovative, modern, casual and affordable design for the home.

Over the past 31 years, Umbra has introduced products that have broken the mold and has created entirely new categories in the homewares market.

Many products have won international awards while some have received the acclaim of international celebrities like Oprah Winfrey!