School Programming

StoryMaker – A great introduction to Story Planet workshops!
Grades: 3 to 8
Time commitment: 3 hours. Full morning, or afternoon session.

Description: This workshop inspires young people to imagine, write and illustrate a unique story. Working collaboratively with professional writers, artists and volunteers, students are creatively engaged in developing characters and settings to create an original story. The artist brings the story to life visually. At the crisis point of the story, each child writes and illustrates their own ending. Story Planet then publishes a book of each child’s work for them to keep!

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CreatureMaker – Movement-based storytelling workshop for young students.
Grades: K to 3.
Time commitment: 3 hours. Full morning, or afternoon session.

Description: This is our theatre-based workshop for kids, where students can explore stories through embodiment and imaginative play. Students create their own creatures and bring them to life through performance and physical movement. Students then explore character and personality, creating a unique creature and world for it to live in. Students’ work is bound into books for them to keep!

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Young Authors Project – Building on the Classic StoryMaker, this workshop allows students to dig deeper into the story making process.

Grades: 4 and up
Time commitment: 9 to 12 hours, broken up into 3 to 4 sessions.

Description: In these longer-term workshops, we work with one class on a story. We design these workshops with the teacher so that the learning experiences build on classroom objectives and curricular connections. This extended workshop allows for students to hone their writing skills and dig in to the creative process, creating stories based off their personal life experiences. By the end of the workshop students will create a finished story of some substance that they can truly feel proud of.


4) ComicMaker – For students that have an inclination toward drawing and an interest in comic books or graphic novels.
Target Audience: Grades 3 to 8
Time commitment: 3 hours. Full morning or afternoon session.

A workshop focused on drawing, writing, and sharing our stories through the medium of comics. Beginner-focused and facilitated by a professional comic artist, participants learn the basics of visual communication, and how to tell a story through pictures. Drawing and writing basics are covered, with an emphasis on empowering participants to use these tools to tell their own stories. Workshop participants emerge with a class comics anthology with a professionally drawn cover.


5) ScriptMaker – A fun and interactive workshop that uses improvisation as a tool for script-writing and story writing.
Target Audience: Grades 7 to 12.
Time commitment: 3 hours

From a class, two ‘volunteer’ students are given an inciting ‘situation’. They are asked to improvise a short, predetermined scene while a typist documents their witty repartee. The class as a whole then starts to fill in the missing details of the story – who are the characters? Where are they? When is this taking place? Once the scene is complete, each student can write a continuation of the scene, a preceding scene, or a following scene. This workshop focuses on dialogue as a form for story and students will each receive an anthology of the scenes written by the class.