School Programming

Storymaker Workshops

Location: In schools and libraries
For: Grades 1 to 12
Focus: Imagination / Words & illustrations / Art/ Experiential learning

Duration: 2 to 8 hours

Through Storymaker workshops, professional writers and artists facilitate experiences in which young people can make and share their stories. Earlier grades can explore the visual side of storytelling, while older students can craft a written story, script, or digital narrative. Our all-star volunteers provide one-to-one support.

The 2-hour workshop will launch young people’s imaginations, while the 8-hour workshop allows them explore deeper aspects of story development. Through a series of experiences, each child or teen will strengthen their voice and learn the skills to share their story with others.

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Collaborative Workshops

Location: In schools
For: These workshops are suited for students in any grade.
Focus: Storytelling / Words & illustrations / Writing & artistic craft / Experiential learning

Developed collaboratively by teachers and Story Planet staff, collaborative workshops are built around the unique needs of each class and teacher to complement the curriculum. A professional artist and writer are present for the duration of the workshop to support the students, and students have the freedom to alternate between art and writing at their own pace. In past Beta workshops, students have created their own clay monsters and origin myths, digital stories, poems, character impressions, letters to future selves, school tabloids, and time capsules.

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An Alien Has Landed

This wide-scale, event-based program spans five weeks (in the spring) and involves Toronto schools, community partners and comic book artists. Each week, a different school is called on to investigate clues surrounding a mysterious alien crash-landing. As students decipher the clues, Story Planet works with them to develop a story about who this alien is, where it came from, and what its mysterious purpose could be! Through social media, the schools communicate with each other and build the story that is made into a published book about the event.

We look forward to landing again in the spring of 2017!