Spark! Story Planet’s Dynamic Workshop for Businesses!

Story Planet has launched Spark!

A team-enhancing workshop where participants experience the power of cooperation which will dynamically influence how they interact with each other in their day-to-day work environment. The process encourages participants to embrace creative challenges while building an appreciation for the collaborative process. And to have fun!

The benefits

1. Encourages creative problem solving in a group setting

2. Highlights the advantages of working transparently and seamlessly as a team

3. Helps build a respectful vocabulary of constructive criticism

4. Inspires participants to venture outside of their comfort zones and explore unique insights about themselves that might otherwise remain buried

5. Creates a more substantial relationship between participants by engaging them in the act of storytelling together; strengthening personal bonds through the creation of a unique story

As part of our social enterprise, Spark! will help to support our free workshops for marginalized kids in Toronto.

For more information, and to book Spark! contact:

liz(at)  416 645 1049