Since Story Planet was founded in 2009, we have delivered workshops in schools and community centres to over 5,000 children.

We have worked with dozens of schools and community centres in Toronto – from Scarborough to Etobicoke – with the help of more than 100 dedicated artists, writers, and volunteers!

Here’s what people are saying about Story Planet:

Thorncliffe Park, Grade 4

I was at a Story Planet writing workshop in a grade 4 class of mainly newcomer students. The students were busy writing their story endings, when the teacher suddenly pulled me aside and pointed excitedly at Fatma, a quiet student writing furiously at her desk. The teacher leaned in and whispered to me, “She has never written anything before. I need to tell her parents!”


Monsignor Fraser College, Grade 12

We had several quiet students who didn’t speak much during the collaborative group work part of the workshop, but as soon as they went back to their desks to finish the scene, they immediately started writing and kept asking for more time to work on their stories! We stayed an extra 20 minutes later than we’d planned, because everyone was so intent on writing their stories and didn’t want to stop. The teacher was so impressed, and kept saying to me, “This is great. They are so engaged, they’ve been engaged this whole time! The work you do is incredible.”


Student Feedback

Teamwork is what gave out the good ideas. 2 brains work better than one. It felt more open with everyone working together.


Student Feedback

I’m so full of ideas, it’s like a party going on in my brain!