Our amazing Write On! campaign is over and we raised over $11,000! Thank you to all of our fabulous (and generous) supporters! While we didn’t reach our ambitious goal, the money raised will go a long way towards getting our after-school program up and running. In fact, it started yesterday – with 15 neighbourhood kids coming to Story Planet after school to work on homework and creative writing. They’ll be back today, and every Tuesday and Wednesday from 3:30-5:30pm, for the rest of the school year.

Stay tuned for more ways to donate to Story Planet – our ability to help kids and teens become creative and effective communicators starts with you!



The Love Letter

A love letter came by Story Planet last week.

Lindsay Zier-Vogel’s The Love Lettering Project began eight years ago. Zier-Vogel has been placing love letters in different places throughout the city and letting strangers discover the surprise. Combining poetry and art, these letters display love in unexpected ways and show up in unexpected places.

We felt extremely lucky and ecstatic to have found this love letter. It’s a wonderful reminder of how a simple letter can brighten anyone’s day.  Check out  The Love Lettering Project for more stories!