Event Showers at Story Planet!

We have so many amazing events coming up this week! Up tomorrow night (November 27th),  is Sheila Heti helping writers expand their skills by exploring, ‘How To Write As You’. This Thursday (November 29th) we have a Spoken Word workshop with the amazing Patrick de Belen (for 14 to 19 year olds) and, on Saturday morning (December 1), from 10 to 11am , we have an awesome screening of, The Intergalactic Space Adventures Of Cleo And Anouk for kids 7 and up. And that’s just this week, wait to see what’s up for the next!! Check out our Event Log for more info on everything rocketing out of Story Planet and the ITA!

Minty Mars Rock Hanging Garden

The wonderful women of Esculent Urbanism generously donated a Mars Rock Hanging Garden to hang in the window of the Intergalactic Travel Authority. The garden is a minty and delightful addition–many thanks to Heather and Erika for bringing their creative gardening skills to our space! Maybe when our plant grows some more we can brew some minty space travel tonic?

Sheila Heti Workshop

Are you writing (or thinking about writing) memoir, fiction, or non-fiction? Participate in this writing workshop lead by the talented Sheila Heti and learn How To Write As You. All proceeds from this workshop go directly to Story Planet, helping us to provide amazing free programming for kids in Toronto.

Halloween at Story Planet

After spending a month immersed in all things monster-y, Story Planet After School kids wrote some unique monster stories themselves. The kids made their creatures come to life with Fimo, collaged settings for their monsters to live in, and wrote epics in which their creatures experienced great adventure!

Story Planet author, Anushan, wrote a delightful monster tale:

A long time ago, Longarm was a monster with flat wings. He was at home on the moon. The moon is rocky and dirty. Longarm is small and he flies. One day, Longarm and his friend, Crusher (he crushes everything), flew to Earth to visit Africa. When they got there, they went to the beach. The End.