Fact or Fiction?

Our After-School Kids wrote a paragraph about themselves, including both factual and fictitious elements. It was up to their peers to try and sort the facts from the falsehoods.  Are you able to tell the difference?

Big Thanks!!


Wow, what a week! We finished up our fabulous Manga workshop (thanks Eric and Kate!), wrapped our creative story-writing workshop led by the talented Sheila Heti (thanks Sheila, Valerie and Joe!), held a wonderful open house for the parents of our after-school kids, put on our first annual Story Fair (thanks Jim Adams, Kevin Sylvester and Doug MacNaughton!) and received our first grant from The Ontario Trillium Foundation (thanks OTF!).  We are tired, happy, and very, very grateful!


Happy International Volunteer Day!

Today is International Volunteer Day here on Planet Earth! Since 1985, December 5th has been deemed International Volunteer Day, and is now celebrated in 130 countries. While we aim to celebrate the amazing contributions our volunteers make every day of the year, today, in particular, we would like to express an enormous thank you to all of our volunteers!

Without you, our after-school program could not exist, our Alpha field trips would not be possible, and the Intergalactic Travel Authority would be a much lonelier place.  Every time a student asks us if they can come back to work on a story, it is because you took the time to help out.  When a teacher says “None of us want to leave and go back to the classroom after that amazing workshop” – it is because of you.

We are so grateful you spend your valuable time with us – thank you for making Story Planet something we are proud of!

We are always excited to welcome new volunteers to our awesome team, contact us and find out how you can get involved!

Brigitte Ward

Our volunteer, Brigitte or ‘Bat Girl’ as she is known in the after-school program, helps kids with their homework and inspires students to write stories and monster poems.


Since our first after-school session, Brigitte has come out every week and has recently started to offer her incredible story-building services on Fridays at our Alpha workshops!  Every Tuesday afternoon, Brigitte works with our after-school kids; to find out more about Brigitte check out some questions from our After-School kids:

Alice:  Why do you come to Story Planet?

Brigitte:  I come to Story Planet because I love being inspired by the creative energy of the children.

Charlie:  Do you have a job other than Story Planet?

Brigitte:  I have many jobs, such as serving patrons in a restaurant, walking my dog, and my other job is being an unemployed high school teacher who dreams of being a neurosurgeon.  I actually did dream that for a long time.

Navina:  What is your favourite book?

Brigitte:  Oh my favourite book…I have many favourite books such as In the Skin of a Lion by Michael Ondaatje, Patrick in In the Skin of  a Lion was my first literary love.

Joshren:  Do you know somebody from the NBA?

Brigitte:  I met Michael Jordan in my dreams.

Tyson:  What’s your favourite thing to eat at breakfast?

Brigitte:  Apple pie with cheddar cheese, a slice on the side.

Pragadheesh:  What do you wish to be when you grow up?

Brigitte:  I wish to be, well this is aside from the neuroscience thing, I have to think about this for a second…a galaxy ranger and exploration girl, and a purveyor of fine fruit preserves.

Thanks Brigitte, you are fantastic!

Thanks so much to Midoco for sponsoring Story Planet’s Featured Explorer.

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Story Fair

Our Story Fair is coming up this Thursday, December 6th. Join us for some great storytelling throughout the evening:

5:30– Jim Adams, First Nations Storyteller

6:30 – A Reading by Kevin Sylvester, author of the Neil Flambe series

7:00– The musical stylings of Doug MacNaughton

This is a wonderful opportunity to come and check out our space, and take advantage of the supreme gift selection at the ITA.

Bring the family and feel free to drop by at any time!