Writing Advice from Story Planet Kids

When asked to create a map of obstacles for his newly invented hero, grade one student, Pragadheesh, created a challenging course that his hero would have to navigate, which included a big snake, a giant cube, and an eyeball monster.

When explaining how his hero would make his way through this treacherous setting he mentioned “there is also a very easy short cut, but that doesn’t make a very good story.”

Writers, take a note from Pragadheesh – Shortcuts may keep your heroes safe, but they won’t keep your readers satisfied.

Obstacle Map

Acting out stories!

What happens when a bunch of creative kids tell a story in only actions and sound effects?  A whole lot of space lasers and adventure all interpreted by a volunteer scribe.  Check out an excerpt from one of these weird and wonderful ‘performed tales’:

Patrick was drinking hot chocolate when suddenly his cup turned into a nose!  He saw himself in the mirror and he got scared, so he went to space and was breathing through an oxygen mask.  Patrick felt a loose tooth and wiggled it.  He tied a string to the tooth and tied the string to a spaceship – he hugged his teddy bear – and then the spaceship flew off to the moon and crashed, bringing the tooth with it!

Crazy kids