Help Us Write the World’s Longest Story!

There have been human-eating marshmallows, damsels in distress, and unicorns made of blubber. What will happen next?!?

We are attempting to write the world’s longest story (we’re talking Earth, here–who could compete with the scribes of Jupiter?) and we need your help. If you happen to pass by the ITA, please contribute a sentence (or 12) and help us write the longest story known on this planet.



We’re Hiring!

How would you like to be the new face of the Intergalactic Travel Authority? Do you have keen retail sense? Entrepreneurial spirit? Love of coffee and space travel? If you answered ‘Yes!’ to all of these, then click on the link below to read the job description, and apply!

Social Enterprise Manager Job Posting

Corinne Impey


Fabulous ITA volunteer, Corinne, is moving to the other side of the country and we are more than a little bit sad to see her go.

Corinne was one of our very first volunteers in the ITA, and has been with us longer than any other ITA volunteer! If we had a medal for commitment, she would surely be holding it right now.

Her radiant personality provided much appreciated pep behind the counter of the ITA, not to mention her ability to whip up a mean latte. What will we do without you?!




Here is how Corinne answered our Story Planet Questionnaire:

1. Favourite Planet to live: Jupiter – it has 63 moons!  

2. Favourite book or the last great one you read: Harriet the Spy, Sherlock Holmes…hmm, I’m sensing a trend. 

3. Favourite writers: Stuart McLean, Malcolm Gladwell.

4. Favourite thing to do on Earth: Host dinner parties with my favourite earthlings (no space food allowed). 

5. Favourite Earth food: Homemade guacamole. Yum!

6. Favourite moment/memory from your experience here: Meeting and getting to know all the patrons of the ITA. Especially the “regulars.” 🙂  

It has been a pleasure, Corinne! We wish you happy travels and many adventures!

Programming Update

We know many of you are wondering what kinds of programming you are able to sign your kids up for this fall. Here is the scoop!

Right now, we aren’t offering our free, after-school homework and creative writing programming due to funding constraints–we hope this will change in the near future! If we receive the grants we have applied for, we will launch after-school programming as soon as is humanly possible. In the meantime, if you haven’t already, sign up for our newsletter (which you can do on the homepage of our website) so that you are the first to know about any programming updates or registration information.

We do, however, have two new programs launching this October!

One is a Young Filmmakers Project. It is a free 8-month mentorship program for youth aged 13-18 where they will delve into all aspects of filmmaking and learn to tell their stories through this medium.

The other program is a Digi-Storymaking Project for youth aged 13-18. This free workshop will run for 12 weeks and will focus on using different forms of technology to tell stories.

Both of these programs are currently open for registration, so if you are interested in signing up (or getting more information), please email Joe at or give him a call at 416-645-1049.

In addition to free programming, we’re currently looking at offering some paid workshops. These will answer the many calls we have for creative workshops while helping us raise money for our free programs, so be sure to stay tuned for more information on this!

More to come!