Diaspora Dialogues’ Call for Submissions for Their Mentoring Program and a Progress Report from Our Team of App-Stronauts

Hey moonwalkers, it might be a little bit quieter than usual at Story Planet this week, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to see you. Drop by the Intergalactic Travel Authority (the café/shop in the front half of our space) and escape the heat over an iced coffee and a tasty treat!

Open Call for Submissions for Diaspora Dialogues Mentoring Program
Diaspora Dialogues, an organization committed to supporting emerging Toronto writers and their literature that reflects our wonderful city is looking for submissions for their upcoming mentoring program. If you’ve written a full or near-full draft of an original novel, or collection of short stories or poems about Toronto, click this link to find out if you’re eligible to apply.

The deadline to apply is Wednesday, September 30, 2015. Make sure to read the submission guidelines and formatting rules before mailing in your manuscript. Submissions will NOT be accepted by email or fax.

Our App-Stronauts Are Officially onto the Testing Phase

The above video was based on one of the storyboards
created by one of our app-stronauts.

The Atomatons, our dedicated team of app-stronauts have been making great progress with their new app. So far, they’ve completed the design phase with the help of skilled app developers, Andrew Jackman and Richard Marskell, broken off into groups to test their clickable prototype, and gone back to Andrew and Richard with notes on what they liked, and what they thought could be improved. By the time it’s ready to be made available to the public, our app-stronauts hope it’ll include features like: talk to type, drawing your own images and starting a story in the middle and figuring out the beginning and end at your own pace. What a cool idea!

A Quick and Interactive Survey about Our Programming and Our next Storymaking Workshop at Parliament Library

Parents, volunteers, and students, we want to hear from you! Click this link to tell us what you think about our programs, space, and community (from start to finish, the whole survey will take less than 10 minutes)! Whether you have time to fill out the whole thing or just want to answer a few questions, your feedback will go a long way in helping us improve our programming.

Do you have a specific suggestion for us? Email us at info@storylpanet.ca.

Thanks for your help, stargazers!

Storymaking with Story Planet at Parliament Library

DSC_0276We’re hosting another FREE workshop at the Parliament Street branch of the Toronto Public Library this Thursday from 6-7:30 p.m.!

Kids between the ages of 7-12, are invited into the writers room to brainstorm, write, and illustrate a unique story as a team. With the help of a facilitator and typist, students brainstorm the main character, setting, and central narrative of their story, while a professional local artist helps bring it to life visually. Once they have reached the halfway point of their story, each student writes and illustrates his or her own ending. After that, their original story will be bound for them to keep, so that every student leaves Story Planet as a published author and illustrator — all in just under two hours!


This workshop is part of TD’s Story Reading Club series. To RSVP or find out more about this event, please email us at info@storyplanet.ca.

Kidz Kamp at The Bluffs Gallery and Our Six FREE Alpha Workshops This Week

Looking for some fun activities to keep your kids busy now that school’s out for the summer? Whether they’d prefer to get their hands dirty with some papier-mâché crafts or let their imagination run wild during one of our Alpha Workshops, there are lots of fun events coming up this week.

Kidz Kamp at The Bluffs Gallery
Kidz-Kamp-postScarborough Arts is hosting a super fun Kidz Kamp at the Bluffs Gallery this Wednesday from 6-8 p.m. They’ll have lots of activities for young ones to enjoy such as face painting, papier-mâché, decorating tote bags, and a stenciling workshop. 

To RSVP or find out more about this event, contact Susan at 416-698-7322.


This Week’s Alpha Workshops
This week, we’re hosting Alpha workshops ALL over the city. Check out this list of events and contact us to RSVP to the one(s) that work(s) best for you!

This week’s Alpha Workshops were specifically designed for kids in grade 1 and 2. If your child is a little bit older, drop by the Parliament Street Library on Thursday, July 23 from 6-8 for our next TD Summer Reading Club event!

Happy storymaking!

FREE Alpha Worshop at the Bendale Library and An Update from Our Team of App-Stronauts

It’s getting hot out there, earthlings… but we’ve got a solution! This summer, we’ll be visiting schools and libraries all over Toronto with our Summer Alpha Series. Come inside, enjoy some refreshing creativity and take off with a freshly-published book of your own writing!

FREE Alpha Workshop at the Bendale Library
This Thursday, we’ll be hosting a FREE Alpha Workshop for students aged 7-12 at the Bendale branch of the Toronto Public Library during the TD Summer Reading Club series.

We’ll bring the supplies you’ll need. With the help of a typist and professional artist, you’ll get to work with a team to bring your story to life and bring home a book of your own creation!

This workshop is FREE, but space is limited. Contact us at info@storyplanet.ca to sign up!

An Update from Our Team of App-Stronauts
Our app-stronauts are making some serious progress with their storymaking app project!

Officially named “The Atomatons,” so far, our team of team has hired a graphic designer to help them create a logo to properly represent their project, learned the fundamentals of design from the team at archiTEXT and broken off into smaller teams to create paper prototypes of app ideas.


With prompts from a top secret mission dossier, our teams were assigned to tasks like: helping an alien find maps, citizen information, and a currency exchange during its first time on Earth, making popcorn from scratch with imported butter from northern Italy, and developing a game with care instructions for zombie and regular pets alike. Sounds so cool!


Our Next Summer Reading Club Series Workshop

Summer is officially here, which means it’s time for us to kick off our awesome Summer Alpha Series! We’ll be keeping you posted about upcoming events around town, so clear your calendars and don’t forget to check back on our blog and social media to find out about our next event!

Story Making with Story Planet at the Bendale Branch of the Toronto Public Library

DSC_0235Next Thursday (July 9), we’re hosting another FREE workshop at the Bendale branch of the Toronto Public Library as a part of the TD Summer Reading Club series.

Kids aged 7-12 will get to work as a team to create their very own short story and watch it come to life with the help of a typist and professional artist. At the end of the workshop, they’ll all get to keep a copy of their very own book!

Registration is required for this workshop. Contact us at info@storyplanet.ca to sign up!