What are Story Seeds?

Story Seeds: Story Starter Packets for Budding Writers

Whether they’re accomplished authors or just starting to put ideas to paper, Story Seeds gives children ages 6 plus everything they need to conceive of and write a unique story every month.

Inside each Story Seeds packet they’ll find:

  •    A written story prompt by a prominent children’s author, created especially for Story Seeds
  •    A visual story prompt created by a Story Planet artist
  •    A creative writing activity sheet
  •    A writing utensil
  •    Trinkets, such as pins and stickers, in the theme of that month’s prompts

Share their stories with us on social media or email, and they’ll have the pleasure of watching their garden of stories grow!

A subscription to Story Seeds is a gift for your recurring monthly donation of $20 or more.

Once you make your donation, please send the name and address of the child the gift is for to storyseeds@storyplanet.ca

Donate and subscribe today!