A Look Back: Infinite Fictions & Youth Publishing Projects

Every year in June, there is a distinct feeling of Last-Day-of-School-ness in the air. It’s bittersweet, but here at Story Planet, we choose to focus on the sweet by celebrating a year’s worth of incredible programming, and the publications and productions that were made right here by our up-and-coming creators!

Now that our programs have wrapped for this school year, we are looking ahead to another packed calendar of homework help, publishing projects, filmmaking, stop-motion animation, storybook creation, and all the fun, fascinating outcomes that pop up in between. Ultimately, Story Planet is a place where kids can develop their unique voices and find a platform to share those voices. Seeing a concrete publication – a final cut, collection of short stories, stop-motion animated video – is a huge moment of pride for the kids who created it, and something that all of us at Story Planet live for!

So all this week, we will be taking a look back at a year’s worth of story making in all forms. And we want to say thank you to all our generous sponsors and enthusiastic supporters for bringing life to Story Planet day in and day out!

Infinite Fictions & Youth Publishing Projects

Story Planet Matters from Story Planet on Vimeo.

“The best thing about the process of creating this book, in addition to learning new skills, was becoming friends. It was hard not to develop friendships, because all of the characters in our stories were versions of ourselves, and when someone knows your characters, they know you. The characters were our way of dealing with life because stories are life. Stories are our way of creating ourselves and telling the world who we are and what we think. Stories give our lives meaning and colour, so that we are more than just creatures with a pulse. Stories give us feeling.”
Infinite Fictions, by Upcoming Writers from Another Reality

Over eight months, a group of Toronto teen writers gathered to workshop their writing and compile an anthology of their original fiction. The collection came to life thanks to the generous support of the Toronto Community Foundation and the Ontario Trillium Foundation, as well as the guidance of Coach House Books.

It is now a living, breathing publication that can be purchased at the ITA and located in the stacks of the Library and Archives Canada, proving to our students that everyone has a voice that deserves to be heard!

Many of these authors are still meeting at Story Planet weekly, and have welcomed a group of new writers to the workshop. Together, we’re looking forward to developing our next publishing project with these budding authors and our wonderful partners!

Upcoming Writers from Another Reality doing a book signing at the launch of Infinite Fictions.