A Look Back: Youth Creators

There are so many ways to make a story! Read on to learn about how Story Planet’s youth creators told their stories through film and stop-motion animation this year. We can’t wait to screen the finished products this fall and continue introducing youth to new models of storytelling with the help of our expert volunteers and amazing sponsors.

Digi Storymaking Project

For 12 weeks starting back in September 2013, Toronto youth aged 13-18 took part in a digital story-making project at Story Planet. Thanks to HIVE, Story Planet was able to provide this after school program with many tools to help bring the bright imaginations of digi story-makers alive.

Click on the photo below to check out the finished products!

Digi Story-Makers
Click on the photo above to check out the finished products!

Digi Story-MakersDigi Story-MakersDigi Story-Makers

Our stop-motion animators and their volunteer project coordinator, Joanna Lam.

Youth Filmmakers Project

The Young Filmmaker’s Project invited 20 at-risk youth residing in Toronto’s high priority neighborhoods to take part in an 8-month film mentorship program, held after school, once a week at Story Planet and once a week at The Pelham Park Community Hub.

Starting in October, participants learned from industry professionals about all aspects of filmmaking, including writing, directing, filming, editing, sound engineering, lighting, acting, producing, and publicizing. The Ontario Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services Safer and Vital Communities’ grant program was crucial in the development and success of this project. Eight amazing short-films were the result of this project, which will be screened this fall.

Our young filmmakers also starred in each other’s films! Stay tuned for news on a screening at Story Planet this fall.

Youth Film Nights

From February to May 2014, Story Planet held a monthly Youth Film Night on site, which included a full film screening followed by a discussion/Q&A with a guest speaker who was either affiliated with or an expert of that particular film.  This project was in conjunction with the Youth Filmmaker’s Project and graciously supported by Safer and Vital Communities.  Our young filmmakers were able to voice their opinions about the techniques and overall impact of each film and had the unique opportunity of gaining real insight from each guest speaker.

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