About Us

Our Mission

Story Planet is a non profit organization dedicated to amplifying voices and improving literacy skills through non-traditional creative learning experiences with children and youth in under-resourced schools and communities. 

We believe that empowering young people to share their stories, and respect the voices of others, will create a more empathic and inclusive world.

What We Do

Our team of professional writers and artists facilitate high-energy workshops that integrate art, writing, and performance and result in a bound book, film or play.

We work with children and youth from grades 1-12 in the city’s Neighbourhood Improvement Areas.  Story Planet’s workshops complement and support the Ontario curriculum particularly in literacy and language development. Our all-star volunteers provide one-to-one support.


Founded in the model of the 826 Writing Centers, a California-based non-profit co-founded by bestselling author Dave Eggers, Story Planet became a charity in 2011.  We run approximately 60 workshops a year in the public schools and in our own lively space above the Parliament Street Library. We also offer two weekly after-school programs, one for indigenous children and the other for teens, and a weekend drop-in program in Moss Park.

The vast majority of our programs are offered free of charge and take place in Toronto’s Neighbourhood Improvement Areas.

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