Community Partners

The Reading Partnership

The Reading Partnership (TRP) works with partners and parents to promote and improve literacy in the communities that need it the most.

They know that improving literacy leads to greater academic achievement and outcomes in personal/community health, employability, safety and community connectedness. That’s why they design and deliver innovative programs, products, and experiences that teach and inspire children to write and read and build the confidence they need to live and lead resilient lives.


CJRU 1280AM is Ryerson University’s campus and community radio station and multi-media hub. CJRU airs a variety of programming from the university, Ryerson students, and the community at large, and has been broadcasting on the AM dial since March 2016.

Radio Everywhere is a CJRU project, facilitated by Community Outreach Coordinator Quinton Bradshaw, with the aim of uplifting community voices and getting them onto the airwaves! CJRU is working in collaboration with community organizations to help them produce pieces that showcase the awesome work they’re doing, and provide a platform for them to tell their own stories.

Context Creative

Context Creative – Passionate & Pragmatic – Today, more than ever, you want an experienced marketing team on your side. You want a team with proven capabilities who are passionate about their work and yet pragmatic in finding the answers. A team that brings unlimited inspiration to the table, and then distills it into a truly fresh idea for your brand. And in the case of Story Planet, having the curiosity of a child can be considered an added bonus.

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Canadian Children’s Literacy Foundation

Toronto Comic Arts Festival

Building Roots