Alpha Workshops: Bringing Stories to Life Through Collaboration

Every Friday at Story Planet, a new class of fearless writers embark on a collaborative storytelling  journey.  

Alpha Blog

Our two-hour Alpha workshops are an exercise in communication and spontaneity. Students are invited to open their minds and brainstorm together as they craft one story. The collaboration doesn’t end here—once the story has been realized, talented illustrators such as Eric Kim and Callen Schaub help bring the tale to life by illustrating the kids’ ideas. The final destination of each student’s journey depends on their own unique voice, as endings are written individually. Every writer’s tale (complete with illustrations) is bound into a book to take home.


Recently, we’ve seen quite a few groups of creative intergalactic travelers take part in our Alpha workshops. St. Anthony’s grade 6 class wrote the story of Iron Bob, a thick-skinned fish with a bully on his tail. St. Anthony’s grade 5 writers took us to the world of Ying Yang, a land of light and dark, (and rather useful robot farts). Ogden Junior’s 4’s and 5’s introduced us to Bunny Boy, a bunny who dons a classy suit, even while he’s on the run from a nasty gang of cats. Brock Public’s grade seven class wrote about Buklao, the cloud-fighting clown with a catch phrase to match: “Sorry to rain on your parade”.  The stories continue every week, here at the Story Planet. Stay tuned for more great work from our Alphas!