An Important Update about our Intergalactic Space Party!

DSC_0243The party date is fast approaching, and has changed! Mark your calendars, this party will take place on Friday, April 29th, 2016 from 7pm – 11pm.

We would also like to add that as much as we would love to read minds, and know your favourite drinks, we may not supply everything you desire.  We will have a very limited supply of wine and beer in exchange for a small donation.  We encourage you to BYOB, in other words, bring your own booze!

Also, bring your loonies and toonies for our very special Story Planet Live Auction at 8:30pm Bid on hidden Story Planet Gems, ranging from an anonymous book to a broken space clock (because time is a flat circle). We will also have a raffle featuring Nokia Phones, cookbooks, AND MORE! It is sure to be a blast!