Manga for Girls!

Image by Eric Kim

Workshop Series with Eric Kim

Thursdays 4:00-6:00pm at the Story Planet Centre (1165 Bloor Wt. W.)

6 weeks: April 12 – May 17

For girls ages 12 – 18

Learn how to make your own comics from start to finish! Drawing, inking, writing – you will learn the fundamental skills in making your own stories. Works will be collected into a small booklet that you will be able to take home at the end of the sessions. Participants must register for all 6 sessions.

To register, email

Bowmore Road Alpha Workshops

Recently, Story Planet teamed up with Ms. O’Neil’s classes (grade 6 and 7) at Bowmore Road Public School in order to create a number of wacky and wonderful stories. This collaboration resulted in some fantastic tales, including one featuring a pinball machine that transports its players into a spooky pinball universe, and another detailing the struggles of a trio of adventurers waging war in a futuristic jungle world over a golden rat! Check out some of the amazing illustrations based on the stories, drawn by Callen Schaub, below.

Story Planet Clean Up!

Last week, some of our hardworking staff spent 10 hours vigorously scrubbing our floors and whipping the building into tip top condition. We here at Story Planet run a very tight spaceship.

Story Planet is looking for a Social Media Intern!

We’re looking for a part-time volunteer, starting asap to work through the end of August (minimum 10 hours per week).

This is great opportunity for a young person looking for work experience in the non-profit/social media world. Great people to work with, flexible hours, easy location (Bloor and Dufferin), fantastic program.

Please contact

Job Description

The social media intern at Story Planet will be responsible for managing our overall media presence and increasing visibility for our organization.

Responsibilities include the following:

– Post regular updates to our Twitter, Facebook, and blog. Suggested at least one post a day. These posts should relate to the following; information about Story Planet and updates on our progress, and articles, videos, images, and other media relevant to our cause and community.

– Participate in the planning of fundraising. Use social media to attract supporters and potential donors.

– Monitor a variety of relevant news and social media channels. Stay informed about the nonprofit, art, and literary communities.

– Report regularly to the Story Planet staff. Stay informed about new developments at Story Planet.

– Track website and Facebook statistics and develop strategies to increase traffic and reach.

– Assess Facebook and Twitter design and develop and present strategies on how to better use these platforms.


– Familiar with Facebook and Twitter

– Passionate about social media

– Friendly, personable, conversational

– Entrepreneurial

– Good writing and communication skills

– Comfortable with Microsoft products

– Adaptable and a fast learner

– Good research and data analysis skills

A week of amazing workshops!

Story Planet was thrilled to be part of Authorfest with Kenneth Oppel this week. The amazing Perth Avenue Junior Public School Principal, Janice Robinson, coordinated a truly amazing group of workshops at 3 different schools (Parkdale Jr and Sr PS, Perth itself and Queen Victoria PS). Culminating in Kenneth Oppel talking to the students for over an hour! In all over 700 students were able to take part, both those from the schools themselves and many from visiting schools too! We came away with 6 out-of-this-world stories we’ll share with you soon!! Thanks to our wonderful volunteers who helped to make the whole experience so much fun! Not to mention our super talented artists, Callen Schaub and Eric Kim.

A huge “Thank you”…

…to the fabulous Connie Chisholm and her band of rock star furniture builders from the awesome Sheridan College who built us an amazing book case complete with storage drawers and shelves. Finally, we have a home for our many books and many supplies!! Thank you so much!

Toronto Library Strike

Well it happened!

Photo by Fred Lum from the Globe & Mail

As of Sunday March 18th, more than 2300 Toronto library workers are now on strike. Over 98 library branches are closed; this also includes drop off centres so please don’t try to return any books during the strike. Story Planet’s intern extraordinaire, Jennifer Rowland, has more news on the library strike after the jump.

One of the biggest issues brought forward by the library workers is job security. About half of the 2300 employees who are now on strike are only employed part-time and were experiencing ongoing cuts to their hours. The union that is representing the Toronto Public Library Workers was focussed on securing full-time jobs for its members. As of now, library workers, for the most part, earn between $16 and $24 per hour.

There have been talks about Library closures since July 2011 and, throughout that time, everyone seemed to have an opinion on this issue. Remember Doug Ford taking on Margaret Atwood? That all stemmed from Ms. Atwood stating her support for Toronto libraries. Mr. Ford responded that he didn’t know who she is and that if she walked down the street, he wouldn’t recognise her.

Mayor Rob Ford has proven his intent on privatization.  With the budget being one of the most talked about news stories right now, have any of you wondered what fate lies ahead for the Toronto Public Libraries? We want to hear your opinions on this! How is the strike going to affect you and how do you feel about it?

For more information (or opinions!) you can check out various sites including the Love a Librarian site, which gives a detailed timeline of events that have led up the strike. You can find this campaign at:

Have a great day and happy reading!


A special thanks to Jennifer Rowland, Intern Extraordinaire for today’s post.

Our very first workshop IN OUR SPACE!!

Its true! We had our first workshop here at 1165 Bloor Street West with a fabulous group of grade 2’s from Hawthorne ll Bilingual Alternative. They wrote a brilliant story all about a two headed dragon, a lion with an Itchy Monkey pet and a floating land made of candy! Thanks to our fab artist, Callen!


What did you do for Family Literacy Day?

Family Literacy Day (Friday, January 27th) is a national day intended to promote reading and writing, and spending time together as a family. From all of us here at Story Planet, we hope you had an amazing day of reading and fun!

We want to know what you were up to – did you visit a library together?  Start reading a classic?  We think every Friday should be a family reading day!

To help you get your own weekly family tradition started, we have put together a list of kid-approved books. There is something here for every age (but we know that adults will secretly want to read them all too!)  Check out the full list after the jump.

6-8 years old:

One of the latest books by Robert Munch, “Good Families Don’t” guarantees a laugh for the whole family.

Another good choice would be “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” by Judi and Ron Barrett – imagine if your food fell from the sky!

9-13 years old:

“Small Change for Stuart” by Lissa Evans is a new book that was nominated for the Costa Children’s Book Award. This book is a new must-read for kids who love magic and fantasy.

And, enjoy “The Lion, the Witch and The Wardrobe” by C.S. Lewis, for a classic dose of magic and fantasy.

14-18 years old:

If you haven’t read the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, this would be a great series to pick up! The books (Hunger Games, Catching Fire and Mocking Jay) are full of action (but they definitely aren’t for younger kids). In fact, you won’t want to put the books down!

Do you have any books you would like to share with us?  What were your Young Adult favourites (if Bridge to Terabithia doesn’t make your short list, there will be trouble)?  What are your kids devouring right now?  Tell us all about it in the comments!

A special thanks to Jennifer Rowland, Intern Extraordinaire for today’s post.