Ayla The Mind Reader

Written by Na’Shylah

My story is about a superhero called Ayla. She is 22 years old and very beautiful. She’s known for her beauty and intelligence in Chicago. She has long blonde hair, and her suit is white and gold. She has a stud nose piercing. She wears gold stilettos that are about four inches tall. In her spare time, she likes to read. 

What people don’t know is that she can read people’s minds.

The busy city Chicago is her hometown and where she lives right now. She really likes Chicago pizza. She hangs out with friends in the city and sometimes, she goes shopping! She’s always outside and blends in with regular people. She’s good at hiding her superpowers.

But there are a lot of villains in Chicago. That’s where a lot of the crimes happen. There are so many people and only one of her! She’s used her superpowers before, but not like what’s about to happen.

Ayla was at her boss’ secret headquarters. She got a call from her boss saying there is a bad guy roaming the street and hurting people. She suited up, and her boss gave her a description of what he looks like. 

The villain’s name is Class Stopper. He wears black pants that say his name on it, a black t-shirt, a sweater covered in blood, and solid black waterboots. He hurts so many people, takes little girls, hurts his family, and wants everything to be about himself! Ayla knows all of this. 

Ayla flies to the location with her gold stiletto shoes that can transport her anywhere. She finds Class Stopper close by where she lives, in the northern part of the city. She reads his mind. She finds that he likes her and thinks that she’s really pretty. She is so grossed out!

“EW!” she says in her mind.

But she uses that knowledge to get him to stop these things. 

When they finally faced each other, Class Stopper felt nervous! He really likes her.

Ayla says, “Hi, Class Stopper.”

Class Stopper is too nervous to talk. But Ayla knew from reading his mind that he is too weak for her.

“We should hang out sometime,” says Ayla but she doesn’t like him at all.

Class Stopper blushes and looks down at the river next to them.

While looking down, Ayla grabs his weapon and throws it in the river.

But Class Stopper doesn’t get mad! He isn’t really paying attention when she grabs it. 

Ayla walks off and says, “Another success for the day!”

The end.