Written by Preston

Once upon a time, there were some aliens looking for bees in a forest. The forest was bright and sunny and the trees looked like honeycombs. The aliens ate bees from the honeycomb trees because they gave them energy. 

Suddenly, there was a really loud “zooooom” and a rocket ship landed in the forest, breaking some of the trees. The aliens were so scared and surprised! Other aliens climbed out of the rocket ship. They looked scary, with water pouring out from their teeth and big, yellow eyes. These were bad aliens. The good aliens recognized them because the bad aliens had come to their planet before to try and steal their things.

First, the bad aliens tried to steal the good aliens’ clothing by ripping them off of them. The good aliens all wore blue t-shirts. These shirts allowed the aliens who guarded the honeycombs to recognize the good aliens, then they’d let them into the honeycomb forest. The bad aliens wanted the shirts so that they could sneak into the honeycomb forest.

The good aliens told the bad aliens that if they wanted to share their clothes, all they had to do was ask. But the bad aliens didn’t want to do that, they still wanted to take the clothes by force, so the good aliens gave up and offered them the clothes. But once the bad aliens left with their clothes, the good aliens called the guards and warned them that the bad aliens were on the way.

The bad aliens tried to trick the guards by pretending they were the good aliens in blue shirts, but that didn’t work. So they disguised themselves even more by covering themselves with mud and wearing sunglasses to hide their scary skin and big yellow eyes. That worked! The guards let them into the honeycomb forest.

The bad aliens were so hungry, so they tried to eat the bees in the honeycomb. The bees didn’t like that. Some of them flew away, and some of them stayed to fight and tried to sting the bad aliens. The stinging slowed the bad aliens down, but it didn’t stop them because they were so powerful. The bad aliens managed to eat three bees each.

Suddenly, the bad aliens started squirming! Steam came out of their ears. Their teeth started to get shorter. The aliens were groaning and moaning in agony. Their skin started to turn blue! They tried to take off the blue shirts but they couldn’t because the shirts were turning into blue skin. The aliens’ eyes grew white and small. The aliens were a little bit confused. They looked at each other to try and understand what happened. 

They realized that they’d transformed into good aliens and they were happy about that because on this planet there was lots of good food and water. The other good aliens were also happy because now they didn’t have to worry about fighting the bad aliens.

There was one last bad alien who didn’t eat any bees and didn’t transform. The bad alien tried to fight by punching his way through the crowd so that he could run back to the rocketship to get away. This alien was scared about transforming into a good alien. But the good aliens surrounded the bad alien. 

One of the good aliens told the bad alien, “Please try eating a bee.” 

The bad alien decided to do it and transformed into a good alien. At the end of the transformation, the good alien handed them a shirt so that they finally looked just like the rest of the good aliens.

All of the aliens cleaned up the forest and repaired the trees that were broken by the rocketship. They all lived happily ever after on the good planet.