Brigitte Ward

Our volunteer, Brigitte or ‘Bat Girl’ as she is known in the after-school program, helps kids with their homework and inspires students to write stories and monster poems.


Since our first after-school session, Brigitte has come out every week and has recently started to offer her incredible story-building services on Fridays at our Alpha workshops!  Every Tuesday afternoon, Brigitte works with our after-school kids; to find out more about Brigitte check out some questions from our After-School kids:

Alice:  Why do you come to Story Planet?

Brigitte:  I come to Story Planet because I love being inspired by the creative energy of the children.

Charlie:  Do you have a job other than Story Planet?

Brigitte:  I have many jobs, such as serving patrons in a restaurant, walking my dog, and my other job is being an unemployed high school teacher who dreams of being a neurosurgeon.  I actually did dream that for a long time.

Navina:  What is your favourite book?

Brigitte:  Oh my favourite book…I have many favourite books such as In the Skin of a Lion by Michael Ondaatje, Patrick in In the Skin of  a Lion was my first literary love.

Joshren:  Do you know somebody from the NBA?

Brigitte:  I met Michael Jordan in my dreams.

Tyson:  What’s your favourite thing to eat at breakfast?

Brigitte:  Apple pie with cheddar cheese, a slice on the side.

Pragadheesh:  What do you wish to be when you grow up?

Brigitte:  I wish to be, well this is aside from the neuroscience thing, I have to think about this for a second…a galaxy ranger and exploration girl, and a purveyor of fine fruit preserves.

Thanks Brigitte, you are fantastic!

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