.CA Community Investment Program supports Story Planet!

 Toronto, June 1, 2015 —With funding support from the .CA Community Investment Program, Story Planet will be hosting workshops with young designers on June 5, 13 and 20 to create an original story-making app that will empower kids to share their stories online.

Story Planet is giving young people between the ages of 7-10 tools to design and create technology in an effort to help them better understand, use and appreciate it. Many children face barriers with writing and creating, but by working with them to design, test and prototype a digital tool, Story Planet is building something that speaks to young people’s interests and inspires them to create. Learning through the arts increases engagement and aptitude to learn and decreases the likelihood of participation in at-risk behaviour.

Story Planet was one of 25 projects funded through the .CA Community Investment Program. Story Planet will be offering free workshops throughout the summer taking a team of intrepid 7-10 year-olds through software design basics — from techniques for brainstorming and developing ideas to design and coding fundamentals.

For more information on the .CA Community Investment Program, please visit cira.ca/cip.

For more information about Story Planet’s programming, stay tuned to our news feed or contact liz@storyplanet.com.

About Story Planet — Story Planet is a charity that offers free writing and creative workshops for underserved children and youth in Toronto.

At Story Planet we strongly believe in giving young people a voice. With this exciting project we believe the kids involved will develop new skills and confidence that will enable them to see technology as a new avenue to express themselves. CIRA is the perfect partner for this initiative and we are thrilled to see this journey begin!

Story Planet is located at 1165 Bloor Street West (Dufferin & Bloor Station).


Instagram: @storyplanetita twitter: @StoryPlanetITA

Facebook: storyplanetTO

About CIRA and the Community Investment Program

Through the CIRA Community Investment Program, CIRA funds projects that demonstrate the capacity to improve the Internet for all Canadians. The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) manages the .CA top-level domain, Canada’s online identifier, on behalf of all Canadians. A Member-driven organization, CIRA represents the .CA registry internationally.

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