Callen Schaub

Callen’s dynamic art inspires our kids!

Callen has worked with Story Planet on countless occasions and recently, he has also begun volunteering at our after-school program. This energetic artist loves working with kids because he likes “the fresh perspective…Kids say things instinctively without censoring themselves. They’re honest, and the initial response is nice. In the art world, things get too pretentious or too over-analyzed.”

Using a variety of home-made contraptions, including one made from a bike, Callen uses gravity and centrifugal force to create abstract art. During workshops, the kids have the opportunity to add a colour or brush stroke to the painting. When kids have a chance to help create a piece, it inspires them even more during the story-making workshop.  Running the workshops helps Callen see “why you make art in the first place.”

Check out Callen’s page to see more of his collection. Thank you Callen for your constant dedication – Story Planet wouldn’t be the same without your talents and your enthusiasm!

1. Favourite planet to live (other than Earth):

“A lot of planets are really inhabitable, I would like to be just on the moon because I’m close enough to come home… It’d be cool to live on Jupiter, or on one of Jupiter’s moons, but that’s far.”

2. Favourite book:

The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle

3. Favourite artist/s:

Banksy, Gerhard Richter, Van Gogh, and Tom Shannon

4. Favourite thing to do on Earth:


5. Best Earth food:

A BLT sandwich


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