Written and illustrated by Amal

Michael is in grade 9. Ava is in grade 2. Emma and Emily are in grade 6. Ruby is in grade 8. Rose is in kindergarten. Sophia is in grade 5. Chris is in grade 4. Oliver is in grade 1. Liam is in grade 7. Lucas is in grade 3. James is in grade 3 because he got held back when he got D’s and F’s on his report card. William  is in preschool. Isabella is in grade  10. Mia is in grade 11.

Everyone goes to school. It is the first day! Everyone gets ready and is feeling happy. Emily and Emma race each other to school with all their speed. They get to school in a second and are one hour earlier than everyone else. Everyone else gets to school on time. 

When they are in class the grade 6‘s are not allowed to use their phones – only 7th graders and 8th graders can use phones. At noon, everyone goes to lunch and most people eat the same thing: pasta! Some people have lasagna, or pizza, or tuna. 

After lunch, it is class time. The grade 6 people have math and grade 7’s and 8’s have science (they do lots of experiments). Then everyone goes home. Emma and Emily go back home with their teleporting powers. Everyone else goes home in Mia’s car. 

Today is the day when their parents come home! Emma, Emily, Mia, Isabella, Ruby, Rose, Ava, Michael, James, Liam, Lucas, Oliver, Chris, and Sophia and William all go downstairs to see their mom and dad. 

Everyone shouted, “I missed you!” 

Mom and Dad were proud of Mia who took care of everyone in the house. Emma and Emily went outside for a walk. Then they realized that they’d forgotten about Mia’s birthday tomorrow. Isabella went to get a cake. Mia loves ice cream and oreo cake. The Mom and Dad did the decorations.

James gave all of Mia’s friends invitations. Lucas kept Mia from going inside the house. Mia saw that a window was open. She climbed a tree and snuck into the house. She ended up in Emma’s and Emily’s room. Everything was floating and it scared her!

Mia screamed, “AHHHHH!”

Emma and Emily ran into the room and asked “What’s wrong?” 

Mia asked, “Why are these objects floating?” 

Emma and Emily tell her that they have powers, then they tell her not to go in the living room until tomorrow. 

“Okay,” said Mia.

The next day Mia woke up. She was turning 17 years old.

Ava said, “Mia’s coming! Hide!” 

Everyone hid. Mia went downstairs to have breakfast. She saw that someone made her breakfast. 

“Thank you,” said Mia.

Then they all popped out and yelled, “Happy birthday Mia!”

Mia turned around and said thanks with a smiling  face 😊

Isabella said, “We did this for you”. 

Mia said, “Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.”

A glowing light went to Mia, Michael, Liam, and Isabella. 

Emily and Emma both said at the same time, “You are getting powers!” 

“What?” Mom and Dad asked. 

“Uuummmm. Nothing,” said Emily.

“Come on, tell us the truth!” 

“Okay,” said Emily, “look, Mom and Dad. Don’t freak out, okay?” 

“Alright. We won’t freak out, we promise,”  said their Mom, “really!”

Emma told them about their powers and said, “Sorry for lying,”

“It’s okay,” said their Mom, “we have also been hiding something. We have powers too! You got powers because of us.”

“Oh,” said Emma and Emily. 

Then Mia got a wand and could talk to animals. Now Mia had the same powers as Emma and Emily. Sometimes Emily and Emma would become ninjas, or good spies.

Siren’s Mythical Dream

Written by Arielle

Once upon a time there was a girl named Siren who lived in Antarctica. One night while she was sleeping in her bed she dreamt about spending Christmas with all her friends, but in real life she didn’t have any friends.

The next day Siren went to school and realized how quiet it was. She didn’t like that very much. The next day after school she told the whole village that she was going to move away to the North Pole. Her neighbors were a bit sad, but happy for Siren to start a new life somewhere else in the world. That same day she booked a flight to the North Pole for Tuesday, December 10th, 3032. Siren went back to school and told her whole class that she was going to move away to the North Pole.

December 10th finally came. Siren went to the airport, went through security, and hopped on her plane to go to the North pole. It was a long flight of 25 hours. After that long flight she finally arrived.

When she got to the North Pole she found a house to settle down in. Apparently that house was an Ice palace! Siren was so happy. A few days later she found a school to go to. She still didn’t have any friends until two girls named Lara and Livy went up to her and asked if they could be her friends. Of course Siren said yes.

Weeks and weeks later Christmas arrived. This was what Siren had been dreaming about. There was only one thing left to do: GO TO A WINTER FANTASY LAND WITH HER FRIENDS! Siren had so much fun with the girls – it was the best day she ever had.

The Adventure of the Unknown Species

Written by Adiba

Once there was an unknown species named Elijah. His head looks like a giraffe, his body looks like a shark and he has wings like an eagle. He also has teeth like megalodon and he has a big long tongue. He also has ears like elephants and he has legs like humans. Elijah is floating in a lava pool and cries for help. He could see some of his surroundings and he saw a dragon who is a friend of his, named Ben. Ben tried to help but got caught in the lava pool as well. 

After a while, Elijah and Ben were able to swim to a staircase, leading up to a small cave. They went up the stairs and they saw some fish laying on the ground and they ate them. The fish tasted very good. Suddenly Elijah started coughing, he coughed up a golden key that was inside one of the fish. Then the two friends saw a trap door and they opened it, there was a staircase leading down to a golden door. 

They opened the golden door, with the golden key, and then they went down to a new cave, where they found a piece of paper that said, “Go left, and then go right, and then continue straight.” They followed the directions to a door that said THE EXIT FROM THE LAVA POOL. They went out of the exit and there’s another trapdoor leading up. They tried to find another key and then they saw a safe with a keypad. They found a piece of paper with a clue to the password, and that allowed them to open the safe. In the safe was a code written in red which says, “12345,” then they saw another trapdoor, they entered the code on the trap door lock and opened it, then they found their way back on the earth, with happiness. That night they had a huge party with their friends.

Melica And The Magic Catastrophe Sea Twister

Written and illustrated by Mahveen

Once upon a time there lived a mermaid named Melica who lived with her 4 little sisters: Juneania, Ochan, Dolfina and Tracy. Things were easy in life until one day a big sea twister came. Melica led the sea twister to the castle so she could handle it herself before anyone got hurt. Before that, she told her sisters to leave the castle right away. Her sisters wanted to be heroes to the kingdom, so they didn’t leave. And so it happened: Melica led the sea twister to the castle and her sister got caught. 

Melica was mad at her sisters for not listening, but had no time to waste. She set off and followed the sea twister. Finally it was over and she got her sisters and then they were grounded.  They did not like being grounded and did something naughty. When Melica was sleeping, they left their room and stole the magic sea twister necklace and created the biggest sea twister ever in the history of the Enchanted Sea. 

Melica woke up and went towards the garden where her sisters were. She took the magic sea twister necklace and accidentally broke it. She had no choice but to go to Marmana, the magic sea witch. She asked her to repair the necklace. 

Marmana said,  “I will repair it, but only if you give me the magic protection crystal.” 

Melica did not want to give away the crystal because it was her parents’ final gift before they left her, but Melica knew that it was the right thing to do. The sea witch was wise, so Melica gave her the magic protection crystal, and the magic sea twister crystal was repaired and the hurricane was gone. As for her sisters, they had to live with the octopus tentacle for one whole month to learn a lesson. 


Written by Preston

Once upon a time, there were some aliens looking for bees in a forest. The forest was bright and sunny and the trees looked like honeycombs. The aliens ate bees from the honeycomb trees because they gave them energy. 

Suddenly, there was a really loud “zooooom” and a rocket ship landed in the forest, breaking some of the trees. The aliens were so scared and surprised! Other aliens climbed out of the rocket ship. They looked scary, with water pouring out from their teeth and big, yellow eyes. These were bad aliens. The good aliens recognized them because the bad aliens had come to their planet before to try and steal their things.

First, the bad aliens tried to steal the good aliens’ clothing by ripping them off of them. The good aliens all wore blue t-shirts. These shirts allowed the aliens who guarded the honeycombs to recognize the good aliens, then they’d let them into the honeycomb forest. The bad aliens wanted the shirts so that they could sneak into the honeycomb forest.

The good aliens told the bad aliens that if they wanted to share their clothes, all they had to do was ask. But the bad aliens didn’t want to do that, they still wanted to take the clothes by force, so the good aliens gave up and offered them the clothes. But once the bad aliens left with their clothes, the good aliens called the guards and warned them that the bad aliens were on the way.

The bad aliens tried to trick the guards by pretending they were the good aliens in blue shirts, but that didn’t work. So they disguised themselves even more by covering themselves with mud and wearing sunglasses to hide their scary skin and big yellow eyes. That worked! The guards let them into the honeycomb forest.

The bad aliens were so hungry, so they tried to eat the bees in the honeycomb. The bees didn’t like that. Some of them flew away, and some of them stayed to fight and tried to sting the bad aliens. The stinging slowed the bad aliens down, but it didn’t stop them because they were so powerful. The bad aliens managed to eat three bees each.

Suddenly, the bad aliens started squirming! Steam came out of their ears. Their teeth started to get shorter. The aliens were groaning and moaning in agony. Their skin started to turn blue! They tried to take off the blue shirts but they couldn’t because the shirts were turning into blue skin. The aliens’ eyes grew white and small. The aliens were a little bit confused. They looked at each other to try and understand what happened. 

They realized that they’d transformed into good aliens and they were happy about that because on this planet there was lots of good food and water. The other good aliens were also happy because now they didn’t have to worry about fighting the bad aliens.

There was one last bad alien who didn’t eat any bees and didn’t transform. The bad alien tried to fight by punching his way through the crowd so that he could run back to the rocketship to get away. This alien was scared about transforming into a good alien. But the good aliens surrounded the bad alien. 

One of the good aliens told the bad alien, “Please try eating a bee.” 

The bad alien decided to do it and transformed into a good alien. At the end of the transformation, the good alien handed them a shirt so that they finally looked just like the rest of the good aliens.

All of the aliens cleaned up the forest and repaired the trees that were broken by the rocketship. They all lived happily ever after on the good planet.

Mysterious Life of Luna

Written and illustrated by Sandra

It was an ordinary day for a stray black cat named Luna. She had one blue eye, and one yellow eye. She was a sneaky cat, and she always got what she wanted.

This was going to be an ordinary day for Luna, except that with the lighting power in her tail, and her invisibility she was going to rob the butcher’s shop. Once she got into the shop, she saw a big juicy fish. She got it, but when she was about to get out with the fish the butcher noticed there was a big floating fish.

Luna was lucky to get away because the butcher was so freaked out, that he was frozen still! Luna went to enjoy her fish in a tree. Just then, someone riding a broom and dressed like she had never seen appeared. Could this be it? Could it really be a real witch? It looked like the witch was in a hurry, but Luna knew she could catch up to her as she rode on her broom, if she could get her attention. But how could she get her attention?

Then she remembered she had lighting power! So she used it to knock down a really huge branch. That did the trick. The witch saw Luna, and automatically knew she was magical. The witch took her home, and got to know a lot more about her. Because every witch needed a cat (in this case a magical one), Luna became the witch’s pet/best friend, and from then on, on every full moon, they went flying through the night together!

The Little Cloud

Written and illustrated by Nila

Once upon a time, there was a little cloudlet named Fluffy, she was 7 years old.

She was with her family in Blue Wail Sky.
It was the Stormy Fire night, where the stormworks were shooting into the sky.

The next day, she ate breakfast and went to play with her friends. So she was playing on the swing, but everyone left, and she was the only one playing. She didn’t notice that.

After she was done playing, she got out the swing and called her friend to play on the seesaw. But her friends were not there because they all left. So then Fluffy realized that everyone left and she also was walking to her home after realizing.

While walking home, there was a mystery cloud that said, “Would you like this lollipop?” Fluffy was very attracted to the lollipop because it’s her favorite. But then she remembered that her parents said not to get candies from strangers because it will lead to danger.

So then, even though the candy attracted her, she said, “No, thank you,” and continued walking home.

Then she saw a girl that was in the same school, and the stranger asked the girl if she wanted the lollipop and she was about to take it! So Fluffy ran towards her very fast,

held her hand tightly, then pulled the girl with her towards Fluffy’s home. Then Fluffy told the girl not to take anything from strangers and told her to go home.

Then she lived happily ever after.


Note: Always be careful whether it is a stranger or a danger!

The Sly Bunny

Written and illustrated by Rwayda

One sunny day, I was sitting in class and trying to focus because I was creating an ocean spell that I had prepared for a contest the next week. There was going to be a lot of competition since the most famous magicians from all over the country would be watching.

Everyone in my school was practicing all kinds of spells. Some made spells that could be used in day-to-day life, like a cleaning spell, or a spell that can make clones, so that someone can be at two places at once. Others tried to make more complicated spells, like creating something that can change something’s looks depending on its environment — for example, changing a rock into a bear. Although my spell wasn’t that impressive, it would be really beautiful to look at, and useful to use.

The reason everyone was excited about the competition was because the prize for the top spells would be the chance to become one of the great magicians’ disciples — something that only happened once every five years. We were allowed to tell each other what our spells did, but we weren’t supposed to disclose our full spells until the day of the competition (to prevent plagiarism). For some odd reason, I saw Felix, the fox shifter, in the laboratory today. I was a bit surprised, but I decided to ignore it. He was the only one not preparing for the contest, and, since he was notorious for his tricks, I knew he was planning something. I just didn’t know what.

A few weeks later at the contest…

I was really nervous because I didn’t want to mess up in front of everyone, but my friend, Rosy, comforted me so I started to feel better. Most of the people before me failed or messed up at some point, so I was pretty nervous. It was going to be my turn next, so I started getting ready to go on stage. That’s when I realised my spell book was missing. Before I could even react, I heard the host of the competition call out, “Next up: Felix. Please get on stage.”

I didn’t know what to think. I mean, he didn’t even prepare anything so how —

Before I could finish what I was thinking, I heard him spit out the words from my spell.

When he finished, nothing happened and the place went silent. After that he was immediately disqualified and, well, you might be wondering why. The reason for that was because the spell he had just read wasn’t actually a spell. In fact, it sounded more like a joke. It had offended the judges by being a waste of time. I didn’t want anyone to steal my spell. So, without telling anyone, I had written it backwards the day before the competition, so that when I went on stage, all I would have to do was read it backwards.

After Felix got kicked out, he glared at me, but couldn’t say anything because he knew that plagiarizing would get him banned from ever participating in any magic competition. I felt a bit bad, but he deserved that after trying to steal my work. After all of that, I was finally able to go on stage and I passed with flying colours.

Noah the Chicken

Written by Muhammad

In a place in between the forest and the farm, Noah lived in a tree. His body was like a chicken. He could fly and lay eggs but dreamed of being human.

One day, Noah was walking down a path and ran into a magician named Kiki, and they began to talk. Noah was kind and helpful to him, and the magician was so pleased that he asked if he wanted to ask for a wish. Noah was happy because he might finally get to live his dream of being human, so he told the magician.

Kiki was pleased to grant Noah his wish but asked Noah to go up the nearby Hera Mountain to get gold and silver rocks and bring them to him. Noah started flying to reach the top of the mountain to get the rocks. Even though Noah was a chicken, he was strong and he could lift the rocks, but he had to walk down the mountain because the rocks were so heavy.

While Noah was coming down the mountain, one giant monster came out of the forest to steal his rocks. Still, Noah was bright, and he flew around the beast, making him dizzy until the giant fell down. Noah was able to continue his journey to bring the two rocks back to the magician.

Kiki was happy to see Noah arrive with both the gold and the silver rocks. He had passed the test, and the magician told him: “You’re kind, strong, and clever, and I’m going to make your dream come true and grant your wish.”

He lifted his wand, and a magical beam touched Noah, turning him and all the eggs he had once laid into humans.

Noah said goodbye to Kiki, and with the help of his children, they built a house in the city and lived happily ever after.

The terrible thing that I saw downtown

By Angelina, Grade 5 | Submitted on November 20, 2021

Trigger Warning (TW): homelessness, child abuse

Today, my dad, mom, sister and I all went to pick up my sister’s new desk and for a Downtown tour. We went past many clothing stores and restaurants. We saw mostly Chinese, Korean and Japanese restaurants. I also saw other homeless adults. We ate lunch at a Chinese restaurant at 12:10. We had delicious Congee!

After we finished our lunch, we went to drive past the CN Tower. My sister kept on complaining about why she can’t go up the CN Tower. We told her that going up the CN Tower was expensive. We could probably go next month. But not this month. 

On our way back home, I saw something really terrible that made me have a funny, weird feeling in my stomach. It wasn’t what I ate though. Here is what I saw. I saw a homeless child in a pile of old clothes and blankets. There was an old man with a boom in his hand. I didn’t hear what they were saying but I saw that the old man was making the child feel unsafe, uncomfortable and disturbed. The child threw a rock at the old man, and this is what made me have butterflies in the stomach. The old man started to slap the child with the broom. This happened when we were approaching Dundas. On Spadina Ave. I wanted to help, but there was nothing I could do about it yet. I’m only 9. That made me think about the other children out in the streets, homeless, and being bullied by other people. My mother told me a bit about what that man’s life might have been like.

Still, when I grow up, I would want to help the kids with that life. I hope that the world will grow friendlier and more people will help homeless people. Let’s do something about this. Be kind and respectful to people around you. Let’s work together to make this planet a famous and wonderful world!

To learn more about child homelessness and child abuse:
1. Homeless Hub (
2. Youth Without Shelter (
3. Child Abuse (
4. Child Maltreatment (
For youth seeking support (self-guided tools, crisis support, or community resource database):
Kids Help Phone (