Darakalas in the Argilia forest

Written by Marwo

One very hot day, Darakalas was born in the Argilia forest. Darakalas had four legs and red, yellow, and orange wings. He had a red body, and a red and orange tail. He also had light yellow hair. 

When Darakalas was born, he opened his eyes and saw all the people around him. Soon he realized that he had 2 older brothers, and 3 older sisters, because they were the ones who were always with him. Darakalas was happy with his life. He had amazing parents and wonderful siblings. 

By age two, he had a lot of friends. But something was missing. One day, when his parents were going hunting out of the forest, he asked, “Mom, Dad, can I come with you?”

They said, “No, you can’t. The outside world is too dangerous. Even your older siblings can’t come.”  

When Darakalas turned 5, he started having flying lessons. He asked his parents, “Can I go out of the forest, now that I can fly?”

They said, “No you can’t. The forest is very big, and you can’t fly all the way over it. You have to be older.” 

Darakalas tried anyway, but within minutes, he fell to the ground. 

“See!” His parents said. 

Darakalas thought, “When I am older and stronger, I will fly all the way over the Argilia forest and be free, but in the meantime, I’ll have fun.” 

Years passed, and Darakalas was still in the Argilia forest. One afternoon, when Darakalas’ parents were in the house, he decided that was the day he would get out of the Argilia forest. He set off from the ground and into the sky. He said, “Wow this is easy.” 

Suddenly, he felt something pulling his back leg, and when he looked down, he saw his parents pulling him down. Finally, when he was back on the ground, his parents started yelling at him, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING DARAKALAS?”

“Um,” said Darakalas, “I was just trying to fly around the forest.” 

“Stop with the lies Darakalas. We know that you are trying to go out of the Argilia forest”

Darakalas just walked away. 

“Sorry.” said Darkalas’ best friend Taragalas. “I want to get out of here too, but instead of doing it during the daytime, why don’t we do it at night?”

“What a good idea,” said Darakalas. “Let’s do it tonight.”

 When it was midnight, Darakalas and Tarakalas flew over Argilia forest. Somewhere they found a cave, and stayed there for the night.  

“Tomorrow we will explore this new world,” said Darakalas.