Written by Batoul

It was a very important day for Calvin. It was the last game of the season, and he was the best player on the team so all the pressure was on him to win. The whole school was watching so he kept getting more worried by the second. 

The game had started and all he could hear was the sound of his school cheering him on while the other school cheered for the other team, of course. 

Both teams kept making shots and getting them, but it was a tie, and it took one shot for either of them to win. He had the ball, attempted a half court and made it! Their team had won. The stadium was screaming so much. Calvin was so happy. 

Someone walked up to him, and he was so confused because he didn’t know that person and assumed they were not family. Calvin asked the person who they were and the person introduced themselves as William. He said he was the counselor at the university Calvin dreamed of going to. Calvin was in absolute shock and was not able to say anything. 

 William handed Calvin a letter, which included a scholarship to the school. At this point he couldn’t speak and started crying. William congratulated him and left.

Calvin’s family came running, to congratulate him and hug him. He came to the conclusion that dreams do come true.