Spark! Ignite Innovation and Collaboration in this Fun Story-Building Workshop!

Spark! will immerse your team in an exciting creative process to gain insight into individual strengths and group dynamics. You’ll craft stories that help you dive into core organizational questions and goals set by you before the workshop. Using examples provided by your team of strengths and weaknesses facing the company, participants are immersed in play-based techniques used by our artists that access exploratory parts of the brain. By the end of the session, unexpected storylines develop and organizational insights form.

We call it: “Using the fanciful to get to the meaningful.”

Each Spark! workshop can be tailored to your company’s niche and needs. All proceeds from each Spark! workshop directly fund Story Planet’s art and literacy programming, delivered to young people in Toronto’s underserved communities.

During Spark!, you will experience:

  • Creative thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Team building
  • Collaboration
  • Organizational and personal insights
  • Fun! 

Here are some things previous Spark! attendees have said:

“The workshops reveal some profound insights around the quality and vitality of teamwork. People will not forget this event. It works as an inward bound adventure and develops confidence and courage for co-creative, trusting team relationships.”

– Tim Casswell, Senior Consultant, Creative Connections

“What has stayed with me is the power of story…of telling stories, of sharing stories with other people. Being with a group of people and creating something together and taking pride in our collaboration.”

– Jain Dickson, Producer, Jam Filled

For more information about bringing Spark! to your team, email Dave Hurlow at or submit an enquiry through our Google form here.