#GivingTuesday, PD Day Fun and Learning How to Make Your Senses Work with Author Anthony De Sa

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PD Day Alpha Workshop
This Friday, we’re hosting a visual storytelling workshop for students in grades 2‑8. They’ll get to brainstorm ideas for a story, see it come to life with the help of a profession artist and write their own individual ending — all in one two-hour workshop!

Because of overwhelming interest in this free event, registration is already filled up. If you missed this one, be sure to check back regularly to hear about other events we have coming up for young writers.

Thanks to those who signed up their kids. We’re really looking forward to it!

The Write Space: An Adult Workshop Series for Aspiring Writers
Observation is one of the most valuable tools in storytelling. But, when starting out, many writers forget about their other senses and stick to describing what everything in a scene looks like. Imagine you were reading a story about a pie that’s about to fall on the floor. Wouldn’t you be that much more invested in the fate of the dessert if you knew it smelled like sweet, warm apples and cinnamon just like the way grandma used to make it?

For his instalment of the Write Space workshop this past Thursday night, author
Anthony  e Sa had the class bring in an object that held special meaning. Then, with those objects in hand, he had them write down and discuss the observations they’d made using all five of their senses.

While they may not make a habit of licking sentimental objects any time soon, those who attended Anthony’s workshop left feeling inspired by his talk and excited to get writing. It was a real treat having Anthony — sweetened even more by the Portuguese custard tarts and copies of his new book, Kicking the Sky that he’d brought for everyone who attended.

If you missed last Thursday’s workshop, the next one will be with Canada Reads finalist Brian Francis, on December 11. Check our website for details and ticket prices.