Happy International Volunteer Day!

Today is International Volunteer Day here on Planet Earth! Since 1985, December 5th has been deemed International Volunteer Day, and is now celebrated in 130 countries. While we aim to celebrate the amazing contributions our volunteers make every day of the year, today, in particular, we would like to express an enormous thank you to all of our volunteers!

Without you, our after-school program could not exist, our Alpha field trips would not be possible, and the Intergalactic Travel Authority would be a much lonelier place.  Every time a student asks us if they can come back to work on a story, it is because you took the time to help out.  When a teacher says “None of us want to leave and go back to the classroom after that amazing workshop” – it is because of you.

We are so grateful you spend your valuable time with us – thank you for making Story Planet something we are proud of!

We are always excited to welcome new volunteers to our awesome team, contact us and find out how you can get involved!