Happy Lunar New Year!



You may not know this, but Story Planet is orbited by no fewer than 17 moons, so Lunar New Year is a very special time in our corner of the galaxy. Traditionally, our Lunar New Year festival is a weeklong celebration of creativity, spontaneity, reflection, and competitive moon-walking.

We love to swap stories about customs and traditions with the Earthlings who come through the ITA, so over the years we’ve  learned a lot about Lunar New Year celebrations on Earth. This year Lunar New Year falls on January 31st, and in the Chinese Zodiac we are in the year of the horse. (For our Alien friends, a horse is a four-pronged, swish-tailed creature similar to a Saturnian Prindlesnoot.)

For those of you celebrating Lunar New Year on Earth, we have some book recommendations to share. These titles (and more!) are all available at Story Planet’s Intergalactic Travel Authority, or at your local library.


Year of the Dog – Grace Lin

Even though we’re in the year the of the horse, Grace Lin’s chapter book, “The Year of the Dog,” is a heartwarming tale for all seasons. The story follows Pacy, a Taiwanese American girl who is finding it difficult to be both Taiwanese and American at the same time. Pacy learns that the year of the dog is the year she is destined to “find herself.” Although there are some bumps along the way, the new year brings Pacy a fresh perspective on how to be many things at once, and she discovers the importance of friendship, family, and finding one’s passion.


Chin Chiang and the Dragon Dance – Ian Wallace

In this beautifully illustrated tale, we are celebrating the year of the dragon. Chin Chiang, a Chinese Canadian boy, is nervous about performing the dragon dance at the New Year festival for the first time. Worried that he will let his family down, Chin Chiang runs away. But he can’t escape his responsibility forever. With the help of an unexpected friend, Chin Chiang regains his confidence, and faces his fears.


Lighting Our World: A Year of Celebrations – Catherine Rondina

This colourful information book explores of celebrations of light across the globe.  Catherine Rondina shares exciting stories of new and old customs told from the perspectives of children from 31 countries around the world. The rich and energetic illustrations by Jacqui Oakley lift these stories right off the page.


How do you celebrate Lunar New Year? Tell us in the comment section below!