Introducing Duffy the Alien

Story Planet is thrilled to officially introduce Duffy the Alien to all of our fellow travellers, storymakers, and friends. If you’ve ever visited the ITA, you may have seen Duffy lurking behind the portal door, taking a nap on a bench, or even siphoning a cup of Black Hole Brew (but only when it thought you weren’t looking). Duffy may be a new face for some, but like a Federation starship’s warp core, it was actually the driving force behind Story Planet and the ITA.

In a gripping tale involving an out-of-control spaceship and a passionate hunger for an enormous space squid eyeball, Duffy hurtled through the Earth’s atmosphere from its home planet Plutonia PS9, and crash-landed at the corner of Bloor and Dufferin. It named itself after the first sign it saw – a street sign for ‘Dufferin’ – and a little offended by Canada’s frigid climes, sought shelter in an empty office space located at 1165 Bloor Street West.

Much like the ITA we support today, Duffy invented the ITA to create an intergalactic travel hub here on Earth. It was a place where aliens many parsecs from home could recharge and grab a couple of souvenirs before beaming up and blasting off. And because the local children thought Duffy was interesting, they started gathering there to share tales, write stories, and create artwork about their travels. These are the values to which Story Planet remains committed, under the leadership of its Alien Chieftess, Liz. (According to Plutonian record, Liz’s coronation was so beautiful even the most poker-faced of alien species wept.)

Now, Duffy has decided the time and space has arrived for it to directly interact with our community. Communicating via the Space Blog, it will discuss its Earthly explorations, particularly liaising with our generous partners to help us get a sense of what community engagement on our planet is all about.

Check back soon for some stellar interviews about the people who help keep Story Planet in orbit.