KidLit Online with Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF)

Poster by Anoosha Syed

Announcing KidLit Online! A Kids Book & Comic Festival presented in partnership with TCAF and TO Live: January 29th, 2022

A one-day interactive festival for kids featuring Maria Scrivan, Brian McLachlan, Kean Soo, Sabrina Tu, Lis Xu, Vincy Lim, and Harmeet Rehal

KIDS — let’s get creative! Just in time for another province-wide lockdown, TCAF is thrilled to announce the return of our one-day kids’ show! Twenty-nine months and a day after our inaugural Uptown KidLit Festival, KidLit Online is a FREE, all-digital, daylong kids’ book and comics festival featuring three amazing programs for readers ages 7 to 12. 

10am – 11am: Making Comics with Story Planet 

Featuring Sabrina Tu, Lis Xu, Vincy Lim, and Harmeet Rehal 

Grab some cocoa and crayons, and settle in to make some comics of your own! Join the artists of Story Planet (Vincy Lim, Harmeet Rehal, Sabrina Tu, and Lis Xu) and draw along as we invent characters and make 3-panel comics as a group. Geared to aspiring artists ages 8 to 12, although all are welcome!


12pm – 1pm: Drawing Jamboree with Brian McLachlan and Kean Soo 

Play along with artists, writers, and buds Brian McLachlan (Complete the Quest, Draw Out the Story) and Kean Soo (March Grand Prix, Jellaby) as they teach drawing games that make art into a fun activity to share with your friends and family, even those who don’t consider themselves artists.


2pm – 3pm: Drawing Along with Maria Scrivan 

Want to find out the secrets to making characters jump off the page? Join bestselling author Maria Scriven (Nat Enough, Definitely Nat, Absolutely Nat) as she shares tricks and tips for drawing dynamic comics for artists and comics fans ages 8 and up.


Your art and stories deserve a spotlight! Display them in our virtual Story Gallery for all to see! We’d love to hear your thought process behind it. Include an artist statement or let us know what’s going on in your drawing. All art must be submitted by a parent or guardian.

Click here to submit your art: