Letters to Little Me

Mondays February 7, February 14, February 28, 2022 @ 6:00 – 7:00 PM

A fun and relaxed workshop focused on rediscovering self through artistic expression while getting in touch with your inner child. No special skills required to participate! 

The activities in this workshop are meant to facilitate self-discovery and reconnecting to your inner child through playful and creative expression.

  • Session 1 | Introduction: Get reacquainted with yourself and your inner child through self portraits and writing activities.  
  • Session 2 | The Cocoon: Visualize and dissect the protective layers (the cocoon) that incase your inner child through drawing and creative writing activities.
  • Session 3 | The Reunion: Start a self portrait of you and your younger self reunited. Build safe spaces together.
  • Session 4 | The Self-Portrait: Explore details of your self-portrait, and reflect together on newfound wonders about yourself.

Materials to have with you:

  • Paper/scrap paper
  • Writing utensils
  • Glue or tape
  • Art supplies that are easily accessible to you: crayons, makers, paint, etc.
  • A container, e.g. an old box, folder, Ziplock bag, etc.

Suggested donation: $10 per session ($40 total)

To register for the event, click here: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/letters-to-little-me-tickets-237147132457

KayGeni | @kaygeni

Fairly new to the Toronto arts scene, Bahamian born creator/storyteller KayGeni aims to continue building genuine connections with her community through her work. A strong message of self-love and acceptance within her music and artistic expression is fuelled by her own recent life-altering journey of having to undergo an emergency Mastectomy. KayGeni shares her personal experiences through an honest and vulnerable approach to performance, writing and visual arts. She attributes her eclectic style within her work, and artistic influences to her Bahamian heritage.

Chantal Fraizinger (she/her) | @ymandcat

Chantal is a Jamaican-Canadian multimedia artist and Art Therapist with over five years of experience working with diverse communities, creative mediums and environments. She is an avid doodler and creative expressionist who enjoys using her skills to help others discover and believe in the holistic use of creativity for dealing and healing. She graduated from OCAD University in 2013 with a BFA in Sculpture and Installation. She later studied at the Toronto Art Therapy Institute and graduated with a Master’s level diploma in Art Therapy. When she graduated from the latter, she earned the 2019 Gilda Grossman Award for her exemplary thesis project on grief and loss, which she completed in a graphic novel format.

To learn more about Chantal, visit her website here: https://griefcomicmemoir.wordpress.com/