Looking for Fundraising Ideas, Alpha Workshops, PD Day App Making Workshop, Mindfulness for Teens and Volunteer Openings with Story Planet

As you may have read in our last blog post, we’ve recently launched new research in partnership with the Michael Cohen Group (MCG), with financial support from the OMDC, exploring how teachers use digital books in the classroom.

On top of that, we’ve got a whole line-up of fun events and workshops planned for this week. If you’d like to get involved, follow this link to find out how you can sign up for our upcoming volunteer orientation event!

Looking for Fundraising Ideas

We’ve been taking a break from outer space to look at our inner space to see how we can make it more awesome. Specifically, we’ve been focusing on the Intergalactic Travel Authority (our storefront) to see if we can make it a more viable contributor to our budget. This means looking at the business model and seeing what we could be doing differently (however radical).

Last Thursday, we hosted a town hall meeting to hear if you, our loyal space travel companions, and you gave us a lot of great ideas! With your help, we’ve made some exciting decisions about the Intergalactic Travel Authority that we’ll be sharing with you soon. We look forward to hearing what you think and getting your feedback on those changes. If you weren’t able to come by but have ideas you’d like to tell us about, please feel free to email, call or even arrange a time to come and meet with us in person. We’d love to see and hear from you!

Alpha Workshops

This week, we welcomed the grade 5 class from Pauline Public School for an Alpha Workshop. While they were here at Story Planet, the students co-wrote “The Bright War of 1985,” a story about Ethel Coocka, an evil girl made of Lego who had snakes for hair!

Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

Thanks to your generous contributions, we will be hosting Alpha Workshops for classes from participating Toronto elementary schools every week until March.

While most of the Alpha Workshops we have scheduled in the coming weeks are only for schools coming by on field trips, we do have open registration for the PD Day Alpha Workshop this Friday, January 23 from 10am-12pm, but space is limited! Click here to find out more about our Alpha Workshops and to sign up.

PD Day App Design Workshop

We got so much great feedback from the kids the last time we ran this workshop, that we’re doing it again!

This Friday, January 23 from 1pm-2:30pm (right after the Alpha Workshop), kids between the ages of 8 and 11 are invited to come help us design a storytelling app that’ll help kids like them create and share their stories.

The registration cost for this workshop is a suggested donation of $5, so contact Joe if you’re interested. But please note that registration is almost full!

Remember to Breath: Mindfulness for Teens

Starting on Thursday, February 12, Story Planet will be the venue for a 5-week introductory mindfulness practice workshop for teens between the ages of 14 and 19. In this program, teens will learn mindfulness practices that will be helpful them manage stress, improve attention and focus and increase overall well being.

The program will be run by Sara Marlowe, MSW, RSW, a clinical social worker who has offered numerous mindfulness groups and workshops for teens, adults, children and families. Follow this link to find out more information about this workshop or to register.

Story Planet is not running this program, but we are happy that it is happening in our space!

Volunteer Coordinator Position

We’re looking for someone to help on the administrative side of Story Planet and to support our current coordinator, Rebecca.

If you are organized, social media savvy, enjoy communicating with others on multiple platforms and have a passion for Story Planet, we want you! Oh — and if you know your way around a website, that wouldn’t hurt either!

We are looking for someone to commit at least one day a week in-office, plus be open to answering emails if need be throughout the week.

For more information, or if you’d rather check out some of the other volunteer opportunities we have opening up, please don’t hesitate to email us at volunteer@storyplanet.ca.