Michelin Star Employees

Written and illustrated by Siyu

The sound of an alarm ringing wakes Lucia up. The sudden loud creaking sound of the awfully built wooden floor of her room echoes in the darkness of the cave that she calls home. Lucia excitedly gets ready and cooks a delicious breakfast for herself. Today she was going to check if anyone had signed up for an interview to be an employee at her newly built restaurant. Lucia was excited and anxious. 

“What if nobody signed up? What would I do then?” Lucia mumbled to herself. 

As she walked out of the dark cave called home she received a text. It was from Candy, her best friend, and well, only friend. 

“I’ll meet you at the community board,” the text read.

Approaching the community board, Lucia walks slowly in the magical forest called Luraincean. Looking at the beautiful colours of the forest, it feels peaceful until Lucia is startled by a tap on the shoulder. 

She lets out a sort of squeak and said, “Candy! One day you’ll seriously give me a heart attack!”

While laughing Candy said, “Okay! I’m sorry, it’s not my fault that you do that every time.” 

Lucia huffs while Candy keeps laughing. 

They arrive at the community board in a good mood, but it quickly changes. Looking at the community board, it was blank, there was nothing at all. As Lucia stared at the board, her expression became worse. Lucia pulled out her phone and went online to her webpage but still, there was nothing. She walked home with Candy by her side, clearly upset.

Days, weeks, months later and still not a single person even touched her poster looking for help.

“August 28, yes, that’s the date where I give up my dreams and live a normal life in my dark cave with my sensitive right eye, horns, wings, and  weird tail!” she shouted angrily to herself. 

While walking back to take her poster down, she bumped into someone. Lucia muttered, “Sorry,” before reaching to take down her poster when the person yelled in a childish tone. 

“Please don’t take that down! We would like to sign up for an interview if we’re not too late!” 

Looking back at them, Lucia sees a cat woman and a rabbit boy, both younger than her. 

With pure excitement, Lucia said, “Yes, it’s still open! We can go to my house to talk    more!” 

At Lucia’s house the interview goes well—maybe even better than well. Lucia learns that the cat woman’s name is Cynthia and that she is 21 years old. The rabbit boy’s name is Rain. He is 14. 

Cynthia completed her cooking degree in the eastern part of the Luraincean Forest and went west to start a new life. Rain didn’t want Cynthia to do all the work by herself so he wanted to work as a waiter—since he was old enough. Cynthia gave Lucia her contacts, Lucia also stated that she needed more people for the job and if she couldn’t find any, they could start in about a month. Lucia told Candy about it when she was visiting, and Candy was happy for her. Candy suggested that she could work as a cashier as well to help.

Breathing in the fall air and seeing the leaves fall while wearing a light jacket, it was September 24, exactly three weeks before the day the restaurant would officially open. 

“Lucia!” A small voice in the background said, “Lucia!”

 It was loud enough to make Lucia realize it was Rain. Rain and Cynthia clearly had something good to say. They found chefs for the job and a whole team!

“Sorry, for the last-minute notice. My friend Iris, recently lost their restaurant and is looking for a job.  Their restaurant was quite far away, so I didn’t hear from them,” said Cynthia walking beside the long River of Dawn. 

This was a great surprise for Lucia as she needed more employees.

October 15, 2033, three weeks passed—it was the official opening day! Lucia interviewed Iris and their team; they were all very qualified. Iris had also helped Lucia’s restaurant by posting the opening day online. It was popular since a lot of people loved Iris’s food. Opening day was a huge success! Customers rushed in, the line was down the street, and people were posting the food on their social media. The day was awesome! 

Dear Future Me,

Crying tears of joy, I ran to the restaurant texting everyone to meet there. It has been two years since opening day. I am 24 now. Today, I got my first Michelin star. This was always a dream for me. I was happy with the restaurant I had, but I did it—me, Lucia Woods did it. What will happen in the future? The future is uncertain, but the present is clear now. Thank you, dear employees. – October 15, 2035 

Love, Lucia, your past self

All of this was sealed in an envelope for the future, an unknown place that will never be known.