Monsters, Manga and Musings

Monsters, and monster stories, are taking over Story Planet!  Our after school kids are creating amazing characters out of Fimo and fantastic stories out of their imagination. Here’s a sneak look at a couple of their great creations. Once the stories are completed, towards the end of October, we’ll share those with you too!

Next up, in November, Mondays will become Manga Mondays as we start up a new, after-school workshop that will last for 4 weeks. Eric Kim has been doing amazing work with us already, and this will be the second Manga workshop we’ll run with him. We’ve been hearing from kids, who already have an interest in drawing and Manga, that they want to dig a little deeper. Eric will help hone their skills! The workshop will start on November 5th and run for 4 Mondays for kids in grades 5 to 8. Email info(at)storyplanet(dot)ca for more info.

At Intergalactic Travel Authority we’re musing over possible new products for the holiday season! As Intergalacticus approaches, we have some exciting items that will get your imagination humming. As an early teaser, guess what this might be…