Mysterious Life of Luna

Written and illustrated by Sandra

It was an ordinary day for a stray black cat named Luna. She had one blue eye, and one yellow eye. She was a sneaky cat, and she always got what she wanted.

This was going to be an ordinary day for Luna, except that with the lighting power in her tail, and her invisibility she was going to rob the butcher’s shop. Once she got into the shop, she saw a big juicy fish. She got it, but when she was about to get out with the fish the butcher noticed there was a big floating fish.

Luna was lucky to get away because the butcher was so freaked out, that he was frozen still! Luna went to enjoy her fish in a tree. Just then, someone riding a broom and dressed like she had never seen appeared. Could this be it? Could it really be a real witch? It looked like the witch was in a hurry, but Luna knew she could catch up to her as she rode on her broom, if she could get her attention. But how could she get her attention?

Then she remembered she had lighting power! So she used it to knock down a really huge branch. That did the trick. The witch saw Luna, and automatically knew she was magical. The witch took her home, and got to know a lot more about her. Because every witch needed a cat (in this case a magical one), Luna became the witch’s pet/best friend, and from then on, on every full moon, they went flying through the night together!