Noah the Chicken

Written by Muhammad

In a place in between the forest and the farm, Noah lived in a tree. His body was like a chicken. He could fly and lay eggs but dreamed of being human.

One day, Noah was walking down a path and ran into a magician named Kiki, and they began to talk. Noah was kind and helpful to him, and the magician was so pleased that he asked if he wanted to ask for a wish. Noah was happy because he might finally get to live his dream of being human, so he told the magician.

Kiki was pleased to grant Noah his wish but asked Noah to go up the nearby Hera Mountain to get gold and silver rocks and bring them to him. Noah started flying to reach the top of the mountain to get the rocks. Even though Noah was a chicken, he was strong and he could lift the rocks, but he had to walk down the mountain because the rocks were so heavy.

While Noah was coming down the mountain, one giant monster came out of the forest to steal his rocks. Still, Noah was bright, and he flew around the beast, making him dizzy until the giant fell down. Noah was able to continue his journey to bring the two rocks back to the magician.

Kiki was happy to see Noah arrive with both the gold and the silver rocks. He had passed the test, and the magician told him: “You’re kind, strong, and clever, and I’m going to make your dream come true and grant your wish.”

He lifted his wand, and a magical beam touched Noah, turning him and all the eggs he had once laid into humans.

Noah said goodbye to Kiki, and with the help of his children, they built a house in the city and lived happily ever after.