Story Planet Goes Virtual!

The world is changing and so are we…

Story Planet’s art-based literacy workshops are now available live online to teachers and their students! And we have created downloadable activity sheets, CreateSheets, providing inventive writing and art activities for all.

Live Online Workshops!

  • Weekly live video-classes where a small group of students meet virtually with one of our professional writers, actors, or artists to create a short story, script, or piece of art.
  • Post-workshop CreateSheets to keep your child’s imagination active throughout the week
  • In all workshops, students get put into small breakout groups with a Story Planet facilitator to focus more intently on their individual ideas and create a story in their own voice.

All you need to join is internet access. Our video-classes take place on Zoom or through Google Meet, video conferencing tools. Information about getting online safely will be e-mailed to you after you have signed up.


Grades 3 to 6

Students will participate in three weekly video-classes hosted by a professional writer and artist.  Workshops offer students the opportunity to work collaboratively with one another and receive direct, individualized instruction. Over the course of three sessions, students develop characters, settings and problems to create an original story. After each workshop students are sent Creativity Sheets that reinforce writing skills and help them move their story along. Finished stories are to be featured in an e-magazine and shared online. We have different themes for each StoryMaker!


Grades 4 to 8

Three one hour sessions.

This workshop focuses on dialogue as a form for story. Student’s will be virtually introduced to a professional actor who will walk them through character creation, fun exercises to get them embodying a character, and the basics of monologue and dialogue writing. The students will write a scene that professional actors will then perform for them.


Grades 3 to 7

Delivered over three weeks in one hour sessions, the students build a city from their imaginations, including districts and notable people. Finally, something happens to disrupt these citizens way of life, and in small groups, a whole story is developed.

360° Stories

Five students per session

360° Stories program debuted in 2019 and saw sixteen students from two schools come together with Story Planet and The Reading Partnership to write unique stories which was then published as a book “Listen To This Legend” and launched at Chapters Scarborough.

This year we have taken the program online with ten students, producing stories featuring characters inspired by themselves.


Grades 3 to 6

A one hour workshop focused on drawing and sharing stories through art. This Zoom session is beginner-friendly and facilitated by a professional artist. 

Kids will learn the basics of visual communication, and how to tell a story through pictures. Drawing fundamentals and character creation are covered, with an emphasis on empowering participants to use these tools to tell their own stories. 

Writers Group

Grades 4 to 9

Weekly get together to share story ideas, do fun writing prompts, and work on poems, short stories, scripts or lyrics.

While we want the workshops to be accessible to all, if you’re able to make a donation, that will enable us to keep them going!

Downloadable CreateSheets

Downloadable CreateSheets are filled with activities to get kids thinking, creating, writing, drawing, and moving. There are five categories to choose from.

Check them out and come back for more (we’ll be adding to them!).

Let’s Write

Let’s Create

Let’s Move

Let’s Watch

Let’s Read

Coming soon!