PD Day Workshops and Arts Market’s Upcoming Charity Craft Supply Swap

We’ll be making a lot of changes to the Intergalactic Travel Authority (our storefront) in the next little bit. We’re not quite ready to announce our plans quite yet, but we do want to take a minute to thank you, our loyal space travel companions, for all of your helpful input and feedback. We’d be positively lost in space without your help!

PD Day Workshops


We had a blast hosting our PD day Alpha and Story Making App workshops this past Friday!

Our Story Making App Workshop is a chance for young storytellers to help us create a story-making app that’ll allow kids to create and share their stories. Thanks to the input we got on Friday, we’re well on our way to developing this app! Thanks to everyone who came out for our PD day workshops!

Arts Market’s Upcoming Charity Craft Supply Swap

Arts Market is hosting a Charity Craft Supply Swap on Saturday, February 21! Swap your beads for paint brushes, meet some creative people and donate to a worthy cause.

Arts Market has teamed up with STRanger Artiste who started the Cold Hands Warm Heart Project with PARC. Instead of a cash participation fee, they ask that you donate an item from the list they’ve posted on their Facebook event, such as toiletries, blankets or hand warmers to give to those who need them most this winter season. Any leftover crafting supplies from the event will be donated to Story Planet.

Check out Arts Market’s Facebook event page for more information. We’re so excited to be a part of this event!