Peter Scowen

The incredible Peter has volunteered in almost every program we offer and everywhere he goes kids adore him!

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Peter, a talented journalist, has been volunteering with us since last Spring when he helped host a workshop on tabloid fiction writing at St. Mary’s Secondary School.  Since then, Peter has been putting all of his skills to good use by volunteering at everything from our After-School Program and Youth Publishing Project to our Essay Bootcamp.  He has showed us he is equal parts patient homework tutor, magician, and essay hero.  But, as Peter said, “the highlight to me [of volunteering at Story Planet] has always been the after-school program.  I really enjoy that all of the kids are so great…I think I love most when they get so engaged in creating their stories.  It’s really great when you can see them riff on all the things [something] could be.”  The feeling is definitely mutual – although no one can remember how the kids decided on Sonny as his nickname, we know they love working with Peter and have written him into many of their adventure stories.

We can’t thank Peter enough for being part of Story Planet’s story!

And now five questions for Peter:

1. Favourite planet to live (other than Earth): “Mars, I like robots.”

2. Favourite book or the last great one you read:  “I just read Inferno by Dan Brown, it’s not high literature but it’s a great read.”

3. Favourite artist/s:  “My mother.  She was a great artist.”

4. Favourite thing to do on Earth:  “Eat.”

5. Favourite Earth food:  “Hamburgers.  No question.  With pizza a close second.”

Thank you for all you do, Peter!


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