School Programs

All programs are led by professional writers and/or visual artists. With the help of our brilliant volunteers, we strive to give students as close to one-on-one attention as possible. Longer programs result in a beautiful print or ebook celebrating student’s creativity.

All of our programs can be modified to suit student’s unique learning needs — just ask!


A fun exploration of character development
Grades: 1–5
Duration: 1–2 hours
Description: Students work in small groups to imagine and create unique characters with support from professional artists who bring them to life. This workshop is a good introduction to Story Planet, and to story creation.
Delivered online or in person

A great introduction to story making
Grades: 3–8
Duration: 3 hours
Description: Students are engaged in developing characters and settings to create an original story. The artist brings the story to life visually. At the crisis point of the story, each child writes and illustrates their own ending.
Delivered in person


Envisioning a new city and what life is like for its inhabitants
Grades: 3-6
Duration: Four 1–2 hour sessions
Description: Students collaboratively imagine and create stories about a new city, the beings who inhabit it, and a historic event that impacts the city.
Delivered online or in person

For students with an interest in drawing, comics, or graphic novels
Grades: 3–8
Duration: Three 1-hour sessions
Description: Beginner-focused and facilitated by a professional comic artist, students learn the basics of visual communication, and how to tell a story through pictures. Drawing and writing basics are covered, with an emphasis on empowering students to use these tools to tell their own stories.
Delivered online or in person

ScriptMaker and Young Playwrights Project
An interactive workshop that uses improvisation as a way into script-writing.
Grades: 7–12
Duration: Four 1-2 hour sessions
Description: Led by professional writers and actors, students are introduced to the fundamentals of improvisation, performance, script writing, and dialogue. Students will each receive an anthology of the scenes written collaboratively by the class.
Delivered in person

A workshop to inspire kids to write and/or perform songs, think about topics of interest, build and explore their musical talents.
Grades: 4–8
Duration: Eight 1-hour sessions
Description: Students will build writing skills through song-making, gain confidence and knowledge about the process of making songs. Students will see songwriting as a way to share their voice and ideas. Students will also explore singing, beatmaking, collaborate towards a creative idea as a group and improve their self-esteem and develop an appreciation and understanding of the composing process.
Delivered online

Story Planet Writing Club
An after school drop in offering reading, writing, and homework support.
Grades: 3–6
Duration: Seven 1-hour sessions
Description: Join us in partnership with Building Roots, for an after school drop in that offers homework, reading, and writing support! Kids will get FREE books, nutritious snacks, and assistance with homework, reading, and writing.
Delivered in person

An interactive storytelling program developed specifically for children with neurodiversities.
Grades: All
Duration: Four 1-hour sessions
Description: A high engagement, collaborative storytelling workshop series where Story Planet’s facilitators shape a narrative around students’ ideas. Students work together and make choices, eventually crafting a unique story that reflects their lived experiences.
Delivered online or in person

Young Authors Project
An in-depth exploration of the story writing process.
Grades: 3–8
Duration: Four 1-2 hour sessions
Description: A deep-dive into the creative process, this series encourages students to engage more deeply with the tools and practices of writing. Brainstorming, plotting, descriptive language, and editing are all covered over the course of the workshop’s sessions, with an emphasis on process and taking time to hone creative writing skills.
Delivered online or in person

360° Stories
An in-depth exploration of the story writing process.
Grades: 3–5
Duration: Four 1-2 hour sessions
Description: Students gain an in-depth understanding of the creative process, engaging in every stage of writing, from brainstorming and freewriting to final editing. Emphasis is placed on using lived experiences as inspiration and exploring different forms of writing. Delivered and developed in partnership with The Reading Partnership, Scarborough Arts, and The City Of Toronto Arts Services.
Delivered online or in person