Sean Waisglass


Sean Waisglass has been an essential cog in Story Planet’s extra-terrific volunteer machine ever since he arrived a few months ago. He popped his head in one day to check out the space and (lucky for us) hasn’t left since!

Sean is a super friendly terrestrial with a killer eye for photography. He is always the first volunteer to respond when we are in a space jam and need volunteers ASAP. His fateful landing on this Story Planet has been nothing short of incredibly helpful and so much fun!

We asked Sean to answer a few questions about himself to paint a brighter picture for those who have yet to meet him. Check out his responses below!


1. Favourite Planet to live: 

Earth. I like this big ol’ ball of water and rock.  (2nd choice: Saturn. Curious about what goes on in those rings.)

2. Favourite book or the last great one you read:

Can’t narrow it down, but the one book I’m always cracking open and finding interesting is the dictionary, so maybe that’s technically my favourite!

3. Favourite writers:

I really like reading about people’s lives, ideas, and the way the world works, so I read a lot of non-fiction. Authors like Mark Twain, George Plimpton, Joan Didion, Christopher Hitchens, Jane Jacobs, David Foster Wallace, and Hunter S. Thompson have all written great essays and journalism about everything from culture and sports to politics and identity. There’s a lot to learn about life on this planet!

4. Favourite thing to do on Earth:

My two favourite pastimes are complimentary to each other: riding around on my bike, and taking photos. Both are a great tools for exploring and appreciating all the things the city has to offer, like our waterfront and parks, our various buildings and neighbourhoods, and all the different kinds of people living their lives together here. (You can follow along with me at:

5. Favourite Earth food:

I like a lot of the food that comes from the Earth continent known as Asia.

6. Favourite moment/memory from your experience here:

The earnest answer would obviously be a moment when one of the kids at Story Planet and I helped each other learn more about how amazing human language and imagination is. The honest answer would be one of many memories I have of the kooky stuff the kids have come up with during the storytelling Alpha workshops. Like when they made up a villain who lived in a cave and ate meatballs that were actually portals to other dimensions, or a hero who was half snake, half cereal bowl, and had a beard make of electricity.