Story Planet goes to the NY Toy Fair

Last week, our intrepid ITA Manager Rebecca went on a scouting mission to the bizarre land known to Earthlings as NYC. Her assignment: To infiltrate the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center and collect data on the 112th annual American International Toy Fair. The fair is a place where Earthling merchants gather to hawk their wares to toy stores and bookshops, so Rebecca conducted an in-depth study of strange new products to sell in the ITA. Naturally, the report she delivered to Story Planet’s Alien Chieftess upon her return is top secret and classified information, but she did leak some exciting details of her expedition to the Head of Interstellar Communications. Read on, brave explorers!

What is The New York Toy Fair? The NY Toy Fair is a huge gathering of toy companies showing off their product for buyers, store owners, and other “industry” people.  It’s the place to find out what new stuff a company will be putting out, as well as discovering lots of great vendors you didn’t know existed!

Even Grumpy Cat made a reluctant appearance

What were your top 3 favourite booths? Ooh, number one has to be the MakerBot 3D printers– watching a little machine construct perfect plastic figurines from practically nothing was the highlight of the whole trip!  I also had a blast popping into the Celestial Buddies booth, because how cute is Jupiter’s Great Red Spot nose?!  It was also really exciting to see GoldieBlox in person– these construction toys designed to get girls interested in engineering got their start on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter, and the people who work there are all the nicest.

3D Printing
Make something from nothing with the magic of 3D printing

I ♥ NY: Agree or disagree? Controversial question!  New York is an amazing place– so much to see and do!– but it’s also huge, and I’m a Story Planet gal at heart.

Any travel horror stories to share? No, travelling through the Intergalactic Travel Authority is always a pleasant trip!  I grabbed a coffee, checked the Departures board to make sure my flight was running on schedule, and off I went.

What exciting new products will be appearing in the ITA? Well, that depends entirely on how many companies offer intergalactic shipping.  You’ll have to come in and see!

Travel the universe from the comfort of your own home with a DIY Solar System kit. Might this be coming soon to an ITA near you…?