The Little Cloud

Written and illustrated by Nila

Once upon a time, there was a little cloudlet named Fluffy, she was 7 years old.

She was with her family in Blue Wail Sky.
It was the Stormy Fire night, where the stormworks were shooting into the sky.

The next day, she ate breakfast and went to play with her friends. So she was playing on the swing, but everyone left, and she was the only one playing. She didn’t notice that.

After she was done playing, she got out the swing and called her friend to play on the seesaw. But her friends were not there because they all left. So then Fluffy realized that everyone left and she also was walking to her home after realizing.

While walking home, there was a mystery cloud that said, “Would you like this lollipop?” Fluffy was very attracted to the lollipop because it’s her favorite. But then she remembered that her parents said not to get candies from strangers because it will lead to danger.

So then, even though the candy attracted her, she said, “No, thank you,” and continued walking home.

Then she saw a girl that was in the same school, and the stranger asked the girl if she wanted the lollipop and she was about to take it! So Fluffy ran towards her very fast,

held her hand tightly, then pulled the girl with her towards Fluffy’s home. Then Fluffy told the girl not to take anything from strangers and told her to go home.

Then she lived happily ever after.


Note: Always be careful whether it is a stranger or a danger!