The Sly Bunny

Written and illustrated by Rwayda

One sunny day, I was sitting in class and trying to focus because I was creating an ocean spell that I had prepared for a contest the next week. There was going to be a lot of competition since the most famous magicians from all over the country would be watching.

Everyone in my school was practicing all kinds of spells. Some made spells that could be used in day-to-day life, like a cleaning spell, or a spell that can make clones, so that someone can be at two places at once. Others tried to make more complicated spells, like creating something that can change something’s looks depending on its environment — for example, changing a rock into a bear. Although my spell wasn’t that impressive, it would be really beautiful to look at, and useful to use.

The reason everyone was excited about the competition was because the prize for the top spells would be the chance to become one of the great magicians’ disciples — something that only happened once every five years. We were allowed to tell each other what our spells did, but we weren’t supposed to disclose our full spells until the day of the competition (to prevent plagiarism). For some odd reason, I saw Felix, the fox shifter, in the laboratory today. I was a bit surprised, but I decided to ignore it. He was the only one not preparing for the contest, and, since he was notorious for his tricks, I knew he was planning something. I just didn’t know what.

A few weeks later at the contest…

I was really nervous because I didn’t want to mess up in front of everyone, but my friend, Rosy, comforted me so I started to feel better. Most of the people before me failed or messed up at some point, so I was pretty nervous. It was going to be my turn next, so I started getting ready to go on stage. That’s when I realised my spell book was missing. Before I could even react, I heard the host of the competition call out, “Next up: Felix. Please get on stage.”

I didn’t know what to think. I mean, he didn’t even prepare anything so how —

Before I could finish what I was thinking, I heard him spit out the words from my spell.

When he finished, nothing happened and the place went silent. After that he was immediately disqualified and, well, you might be wondering why. The reason for that was because the spell he had just read wasn’t actually a spell. In fact, it sounded more like a joke. It had offended the judges by being a waste of time. I didn’t want anyone to steal my spell. So, without telling anyone, I had written it backwards the day before the competition, so that when I went on stage, all I would have to do was read it backwards.

After Felix got kicked out, he glared at me, but couldn’t say anything because he knew that plagiarizing would get him banned from ever participating in any magic competition. I felt a bit bad, but he deserved that after trying to steal my work. After all of that, I was finally able to go on stage and I passed with flying colours.