Intergalactic Travel Authority Logo

Come In. Take Off.

Welcome to Intergalactic Travel Authority. We are committed to helping you get wherever you need to go—comfortably, safely and without intergalactic incident. Located in Toronto’s west end, we have been serving the greater galactic area since 2025, providing everything you need to make your journey as enjoyable as possible.

About ITA

We know how hungry and thirsty the intergalactic traveller can be (many interplanetary airlines don’t provide an in-spacecraft meal anymore!) and that is why we pride ourselves on carrying a premium selection of coffees, teas, and baked goods that are sure to satisfy any weary traveller. In addition to nourishment, our astonishing selection of Earth souvenirs will delight your far-flung friends and relatives—a book for your Plutonian Uncle Piffaffle on his 456th birthday, or a space robot for your earth neighbour to celebrate her high school graduation.

The ITA is run by an incredible array of amazing volunteers who give of their time to serve you thereby supporting our programming! Please give them a hearty “thank you” (in any language!) next time you’re in.

Please visit our brick and mortar location

at 1165 Bloor St West (west of Dufferin on the south side of Bloor). In this time and space we are open:

Monday–Friday: 8:00am–6:00pm
Saturday and Sunday: 9:00–4pm

The More You Support, The More We Can Help

Intergalactic Travel Authority is a social enterprise—this means that all of the proceeds from the store go directly to Story Planet. Every cup of Blackhole Brew, every book, and every Single-Use Worm Hole in-a-can that you purchase helps to provide free programming to kids in Toronto.

Our Earthly Designers

The ITA was designed by two very wonderful and tall (by Earth standards) earthlings, Lars and Jason Dressler. These skilled and creative brothers used reclaimed wood and objects (including car parts and radiators!) to design our space hub.

Patrick Dinnen, of Media Lab, helped bring the Dresslers’ work to life by wiring our portal and creating our departures board, without which, intergalactic travel would be considerably more difficult.

Have an Intergalactic Day!